How to clear internet history from Android phone?

Android smart phone offers web-browsing facility as one of its useful features. You can experience easy and fast internet browsing on your Android phone. It supports different web-browser on this phone just like a mini-computer. When you are browsing internet in any browser, all pages that you have visited are stored on browser. It can help you to open that previously visited pages easily. However, there are plenty of problems raised due to internet history on your Android phone. A huge amount of internet history can slow down your browser speed as well as one can view your personal information that you provided any web pages. Therefore, deletion of internet history is very necessary to get rid of these issues.

You can delete all browser history from your Android mobile manually. But, if you want to perform this operation regularly, manual deletion may become troublesome. If you are using different types of browser, you should use a third party application to regularly clear all history. Using this application, you can perform this operation on all well-known browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera etc. Before that, let us see how you can clear browsing history from different browser on Android phone manually.

Google Chrome: It is the default browser comes with Jelly Bean 4.1 release. So, if you are using this version on your mobile, it will store all information about the visited sites. Deletion of browsing information is then very necessary. For manual deletion, select ‘Customize & control’ option from the right side on the top. Under ‘Advanced’ heading,. Select 'Privacy' option. After that, in right side of the top bar you can see 'Clear Browsing Data' option. Here, you can simply select data that you wish to remove history, cookies, cache, form data, saved passwords etc.

Firefox on Android: You can also use this browser in your Android mobile phone. To erase all history in Firefox on Android, select three-square dots in the top, and click on ‘Settings’ option. Here, in the ‘Privacy & Security’ option, you can see ‘Clear Private Data’. Here also, you can choose required information that you wish to remove and then select ‘Clear Data’.

Opera Browser: In this browser, you have to first select ‘Tools’ option from where you have to choose “Delete Private Data” option. Then Click on ‘Details’ button and mark the items you want to delete. At last select “Delete” button to remove browsing data.

Although, you can follow these steps to clear browsing history on Android phone, use of Remo MORE software will be most appropriate for regular deletion. If you are different browser in your phone, this software will be very helpful to remove all history. You can schedule this tool to remove all types of browser data automatically from Android phone. It can delete search & download history, Cache, Cookies, Add-ons, bookmarks, extensions or any other data in simple steps. This software will be effective in all versions of Android to increase internet speed and keep your provided information secure. Additionally, you can use this tool to clear WhatsApp Media files data effectively.

Follow these steps to erase browser history on Android:

Step1: Download and install Remo MORE application on your Android phone and launch it. Click on "Optimize" option from main window as shown in Figure 1

Step2: Now, click on "Privacy Cleaner" option to delete browser history from your Android phone as shown in Figure 2

Step3: Select "Clean Browser History" option to start scanning process as shown in Figure 3

Step4: At last, you have an option to delete entire information that is listed on your Android phone screen by clicking on "Clean" button as shown in Figure 4

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