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Tutorial For Clearing Browsing History

When you are searching something in internet, browser remembers all the details like sites visited by you earlier, downloaded documents, applications and many more. All this information which is saved by the browser is known as Browsing History. The information that is stored by your browser can be seen by any one who has access to your PC. Apart from browsing history, your browser even keeps other components. Some of them are listed below:

  • Download and Browsing History – As discussed above, list of files/documents that you have downloaded and the list of sites or Web pages you have visited in past browsing session will be saved.
  • Cookies – They are nothing but the information stored on your computer by the Web page you visit. They can also be used to track your access by any third party applications.
  • Cache – It is a temporary place to store the downloaded data on local drive, so that that information can be easily accessed when you want it for next time.
  • Active Logins – If the website to which you have logged in make use of HTTP authentication, as you will utilize it more often then that site is known as “active”.

All the above mentioned details about your browsing history can be utilized by anyone who have access to the computer or by any malware program which has read access to you r history. In order to avoid this, make use of Remo Optimizer to safeguard your browsing details.

Managing Browsing History

With Remo Optimizer you can manage your browsing history securely. Yes, Remo Optimizer has an inbuilt function called Privacy Cleaner which will clear your entire browsing history and protects your Browsing privacy. It provides a feature called Scheduler using which you can schedule the cleaning session so that it automatically clears your history at a scheduled time. You can schedule on daily, weekly time basis.

Key features of Remo Optimizer

  • It facilitates easy-to use interface so that anyone can operate it
  • Safeguard you system from unauthorized users
  • Automatically clears your browsing history including various components on scheduled time
  • Technical support will be available round the clock

Guide to know how to clear Browsing History

  1. Download and install Remo Optimizer application on your system. Once you run the software it will start scanning your computer as shown in figure 1
  2. After the completion of scanning process, go to Tools and choose Privacy Cleaner and then click on Upgrade option figure 2
  3. After upgrading the software on your system, the main screen displays many options. From that you have to click on Clean Browser Junk figure 3
  4. The next consecutive screen displays all the browsers and its components like cookie, cache, active logins etc. along with their contents. Now Choose the browsers and the components which you want to clean and then click on Scan option figure 4
  5. Once scanning gets completed, the software will display the number of items found in respective component and click on Clean option figure 5
  6. At the end, software provides you confirmation message. To end the process click on Finish figure 6
Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure
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