Clear Cache on Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 comes under line of Android smartphone whenever you run applications or browse internet, cache files gets accumulate on your device memory. After huge formation of cache files your phone performance slowly decrease and makes to feel annoy. Here are few simple steps to clear application and browser caches are mentioned below. You follow them and apply the same on your Smartphone to boost your device performance.

Clearing app cache:

  • From the home screen, tap “Apps”
  • Scroll to and tap “Settings”
  • Tap “More”
  • Tap “Application manager”
  • Swipe left to view the All tab
  • Scroll to and tap an application
  • Tap “Clear cache”

Clearing browser cache:

  • From the home screen, tap "Internet" icon
  • Then, tap the "Menu" icon on the right
  • Scroll down and tap "Settings" 
  • Then, tap "Privacy & security"
  • Tap "Clear cache" and then "Ok" 
  • The browser cache is now cleared

By following above-mentioned steps one can easily remove application cache as well as browser cache on Samsung Galaxy S4 phone. However, but cleaning cache files on device is not enough to increase the speed still you need to clean junk files, temp files, downloaded data, and need to close applications running in background. In addition, you need to manage power, memory utilization and other things in increasing speed of Samsung Galaxy S4. Therefore, it is very tedious and time-consuming process. In addition, you should be aware of all these operation and need to be done regularly. However, most of the user bored of following all these operations regularly. Therefore, it is best to utilize an application which is able to do all things operations at time by just clicking on options. This is possible with the utilization of Remo MORE free app that comes very user friendly in clearing application and browser cache along with removing junk files, downloaded data, history and managing power and startup application in Samsung Galaxy S4 device.

This Remo MORE app supports various models of Samsung Galaxy Smartphone in clearing cache files in simple steps. It supports various Android OS running Smartphone, such as Jelly Bean, KitKat, Ginger Bread, etc. Supports other models of android Smartphone are Motorola. HTC one, Nexus, Karbon, Nokia, etc.

Other advantages of Remo MORE free app

  • Requires very less space to install on your device
  • Performs very safe and secure operations
  • Enhance your phone performance
  • Provides free technical support

Steps to clean cache files on Samsung Galaxy S4

  • Download Remo MORE free app and install on your Samsung Galaxy S4 phone
  • Launch the application and click on “Optimize” option from main screen
  • Next choose “Privacy Cleaner” option
  • A windows appears with list of option in that choose “Clean Cache”Figure 1
  • Application starts scanning your device and displays the total size of cache data on your phone.
  • Click on “Clean Cache” option. A confirmation message is displayed asking “Clean Now”. Tap OK to accept, Cancel to disallow Figure 2

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