Effective way to clear Internet Explorer Cache

The browser cache is also known as internet temporary files folder, which contain files from the websites you have visited. All modern browsers including Internet explorer maintains a cache for the reason that to load the web pages faster the next time you visit those pages. When you visit the same website, the browser can pick the files from cache, instead of retrieving from the online web server. Thus the browser cache can speed up the display of web page but it is a concern of privacy. The other people using your system can look at your internet activities. If you do not want to share your internet activities, then you can clear internet explorer cache.

You can clear internet explorer cache using manual options provided by the browser. Steps to clear cache using Internet Explorer window are shown below.

Step 1: Open Internet Explorer and click on Tools option at the top right corner of the browser

Choose Settings option
Figure 1: Select settings button

Step 2: Now from the menu with the list of many items, click on Internet Options tab

Click on internet options button
Figure 2: Choose Internet Options

Step 3: Under the browsing History section, click on “Delete” button

Select Delete option
Figure 3: Click on Delete option

Step 4: Now select Cache and other items to be deleted from the list and click on “Delete” option

Choose the items and Delete
Figure 4: Select cache and Delete option

Step 5: Then, just hit on Apply and press OK

However, often you may forget to clear your browser cache after using Internet Explorer. In order to keep your Browser cache clear; the most effective way is use of Remo MORE software. The Remo MORE software can provide you the scheduler option to delete cache on daily or weekly basis. Once you schedule the Remo MORE software, then it can automatically clear cache without your intervention. Thus, it can help you to speed up your system performance as well protects your privacy.

Remo MORE software supports to clear cache from Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, etc. Along with IE, one can also use this software for clearing cache from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc. Apart from cache, you can also clear cookies, history, address bar, downloaded program files, etc from your Web Browser. To clean browser cache, you can use this software on Windows, Mac as well as Android Phones. It is also compatible with the all popularly used iPhones.

What special in Remo MORE software?

  • User can schedule it to clear cache on the basis of daily, weekly or one time.
  • Scans your system fully and provides the list of items along with cache to delete
  • User can choose the cache, cookies or any other junk files to clean from the browser
  • It has fast scanning algorithm to clean cache within no time
  • Provides the option to select type of browser from which you want to clean cache

One can use this software on Smart Phones having Android versions like Gingerbread, Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich, KitKat, etc.

Other features: The Remo MORE software is also integrated with several features like Registry Cleaner, free space wipe, memory optimizer, remove duplicates. These are all useful to speed up your system performance.

Steps to clear Internet Explorer Cache

Step 1: First install this software on your computer and choose “Optimize” option from the welcome page as shown in Figure 1

Step 2: Select “Privacy Cleaner” and then click on “Clean Browser Junk” option as shown in Figure 2

Step 3: Now you will get a list of cache, cookies and other junk files, from which select cache that you want to clear and then click on “Scan” option as shown in

Step 4: After completing this process, you will get details of items deleted from the browser as shown in

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Safe and Secure
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