Restore Files from Compact Flash Card

Recovering media files lost from Compact Flash card is very easy with the help of Remo Memory Card Recovery tool. It performs data recovery from formatted and corrupted CF card of various brands like Transcend, Kingston, SanDisk, Lexar, etc.

Lost files from CF card? Well! You might have accidentally formatted your CF card, or it got corrupted due to some unknown reasons. Under such circumstances, all your media files like photos, videos and audio files stored on the card become inaccessible or will go missing.

What can be done to recover files from Compact Flash card?

If you have a backup of those files, then you can restore your essential photos, movies, songs from it. But if there is no backup, then you need to opt efficient card recovery software called Remo Recover software.

Important Note: In case, you have lost files from Compact Flash card due to corruption, then use Remo Recover to restore files from it and follow the method mentioned below to fix damaged CF card to reuse it.

  • Connect CF card to your computer and open command prompt on it
  • Next type chkdsk DriveName: /f /r /x (here replace DriveName with the drive letter of CF card)

This method will fix CF card corruption issue and allows to use it from further use.

Recovering Data from Compact Flash Card using Remo Photo Recovery Software-

Remo Photo Recovery software provides simple 3 step procedure to get back data from CF card. Using this tool, you can restore any kind of file from Compact Flash card. Also, it provides Select File Type option to recover particular file type instead of recovering all types of files. To get back your data, first get Remo Recover Media Edition on your computer. Now follow the guide mentioned below to recover data.

  • The first step is to download Remo Recover software on your system by clicking on the green Download Now button
  • Next, install the application. Connect the Compact Flash card to the system and launch the application
  • On the main screen, select Recover Files option
  • Now the software lists all the available drives in the system (including your Compact Flash Card). Now, select camera drive from the list of accessible drives and hit on Scan button to initiate scanning
  • The software starts scanning your CF card and after the completion of scanning, it displays the list of recovered photo files
  • It allows you to view the recovered files in Data View and File Type View
  • You can preview the recovered files using Preview option
  • The Save Recovery Session option allows you to save the scanned information. You can use this option to resume the saving process at any time without re-scanning your CF card again
  • If you are satisfied with the recovery results of the software, activate its license key and save the recovered files from CF card at your desired location

You can use these steps for recovering files from formatted CF card as well as corrupted CF card. Not just CF card, this procedure even helps you to restore files lost from XD card, SD card, MMC or other types of memory card. Remo Recover software helps you in performing photo recovery from SanDisk, Kingston, Transcend, Lexar, HP, Toshiba, Panasonic, Sony and other memory card brands.

Note: If you want to recover data from Compact Flash card on Mac, then download and use Remo Recover Mac Media Edition.

Know More About Remo Memory Card Recovery Tool:

You can use of this tool to recover mobile memory card files which show format errors or has become inaccessible. Also, the application retrieves data from other storage mediums such as external USB drives, iPods, hard drives, and so on. Furthermore, the utility supports photo recovery from Pentax, Nikon, Canon, GoPro, Samsung, Panasonic, and many other camera brands. Remo Recover tool is available for both Mac and Windows OS of versions.

Situations that Cause Data loss from Compact Flash card:

  • Accidental format: If you accidentally format your CF card, instead of formatting some other drive, then all files stored on the card will be erased.
  • Interruptions during file transfer: While transferring photos or other files from Compact Flash card to the system, interruptions like sudden system shutdown or abrupt ejection of CF card from system corrupts the card which results in loss of data from it.
  • Accidental deletion: There are times when you accidentally delete important photos, videos, music files or other data from CF card. Files deleted from memory cards bypass Recycle Bin.
  • Photo deletion on camera: While previewing photos or videos on camera, accidentally pressing Delete All button deletes the pictures and video files from it.
  • CF card corruption: Compact Flash card might get corrupted due to file system damage, abrupt removal of the card, improper usage etc. which makes it inaccessible.

These are some of the common data loss scenarios that you may encounter with CF card. However, in all such instances, Remo Recover software comes in handy and restores back your entire data from Compact flash cards in an easy method. In addition to recovering digital media files from CF card, the tool will recover other files like Word documents, spreadsheets, etc.

Beneficial Tips to avoid data loss from CF card-

1. Make sure that you do not use the card after files are deleted or lost from it. Doing so will overwrite those lost files, making recovery a difficult task and sometimes even impossible.

2. In case, Windows prompts you to format the CF Card when you try to access CF card, then do not format it. First get back all your data using Remo Recover and then format it.

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