How to Recover Files from Computer Hard Drive?

"I am in trouble and urgently need help! Till yesterday my computer was working good, but today morning when I turned on my computer found some of my applications and data were lost. I could not find those files in recycle bin also, but still it looks like the hard drive space is used. I have no clue what happened. Now I am not getting any idea how to resolve this issue? I had saved lots of my important data on this hard drive, I am worried how to get back all my data as I don't even have backup copy of it. Is there any solution"

No need to worry about your data because it’s just the address that will be missing, the file will be still available in the hard drive unless and until the overwriting happens. Make sure that further OS operations are not performed using this hard drive to prevent the files from overwriting. You can easily recover your lost data from computer hard disk by making use of hard drive recovery tool – Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) software. However, before we understand entire recovery process, it’s better to know some of the common reasons that’s leads to data loss in computer hard drive; they are:

  • Hard disk exposed force or shock
  • Accidental formatting of hard drive
  • Hard drive exposed to power surge
  • Corrupted RAID configuration
  • Computer hard drive infected by Virus or Spyware
  • Hard disk Partition corrupted
  • Issues with read / write heads due to long use.

Due to these, you might lose access to your entire data on the computer hard disk. However, your data still resides on your drive and can be recovered using reliable recovery software. In that way Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) software works excellently to recover your files from the computer hard drive in just few minutes.

Well Known Features of Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) Software:

Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) software is competent in performing hard disk recovery from various types of hard drive like SATA, SCSI, IDE, ATA, PATA, SSD etc. It has been designed to easily restore any sorts of files like photos, mp3 files, PDF, PPT, PST, ZIP, text documents, spreadsheets etc. Even a non-technical user can utilize this tool to restore data from damaged or crashed computer HDD comfortably without any issues because it has user friendly GUI that presents systematic instructions. This utility has the ability to restore data from hard drive that is installed with FAT 32, exFAT , FAT 16, NTFS 5, NTFS, HFS X, HFS + or other file systems. In addition, Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) software is compatible with all available versions of Windows and Mac operating system. In addition to computer hard drive recovery, you can also utilize this application to recover files from corrupt pen drive, MMC, Memory sticks, external HDD, memory card, and also recover data from failed computer SSD in few steps.

Safety Measures:

  • Maintain significant files backup and store them on external memory
  • Immediately stop using the system once you hear clicking noises or computer starts freezing etc.
  • Regularly scan your system with updated antivirus software to get clear from virus intrusion
  • Without proper knowledge don’t try to install operating system on your computer hard disk

Steps to perform computer hard disk recovery

Download the demo version of Remo Recover software & install it on your computer. Then, carry out below mentioned steps and get back your files from the hard drive.

    Step 1: Launch the software, here you will find three options on the main screen – “Recover Files” , “Recover Photos” , and “Recover Partitions / Drives” . Select “Partitions / Drives” option computer hard drive recovery 1

    Step 2: Now choose “Partition Recovery” option if you have corrupted partition and choose “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” for formatted hard drive computer hard drive recovery 2

    Step 3: Now choose the affected partition & click on “Next” button; the tool will begin the scanning process computer hard drive recovery 3

    Step 4: After completion of scanning process, a list of recovered files is generated; using “Preview” option check the recovery results toshiba hard drive recovery 4 & if you got the files you were looking for then buy the full version to save those files on a preferred location

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Safe and Secure
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