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Frequently Asked Questions

Corrupt a File is a web app that intentionally corrupts files to make them unreadable. Users upload their files, and the app applies a data destruction mechanism to make them unusable.

If you INTENTIONALLY want to make a file unreadable then, yes Corrupt a File is designed to be safe for all types of files. It only applies advanced data destruction mechanisms that make files unreadable and is entirely safe to use.

No. Files corrupted using the Corrupt A File application cannot be recovered.

Corrupt a File supports a wide range of file types, you can corrupt almost any file.

Using the app is simple. Click on Add File, choose the file you want to corrupt, and click the Corrupt button. Once the process is complete, download the corrupted file.

The app supports files of various sizes. However, there is a limitation of 100 MB. For larger files, it's recommended to contact support for assistance.

Yes, corrupt a file is accessible from desktop and mobile browsers, making it convenient for use on various devices.

Yes, Corrupt a File prioritizes user privacy. The uploaded files are processed securely, and the app does not store any user data. Your privacy is our priority.

Yes, Corrupt a File is free to use. You can corrupt your files without any cost.

Remo Software’s new web application called "Corrupt a File" is an addition to their list of software applications that help with data wiping and file erasing. Remo Software offers a range of applications not only for the safe disposal of data but also for data recovery, repair, and management across various platforms.