Recover Pictures from Damaged SD Card In 4 Steps

Updated on December 30, 2020

Recover photos from SD card effectively by using Remo Recover even if the SD card is damaged. When your SD card is damaged, formatted or inaccessible, use the Deep Scan feature of Remo Recover. This functionality recovers photos that have been lost or overwritten from your damaged SD card.

Download now to try the tool and preview photos from the damaged SD card for free.

Summary: This article speaks about recovering photos from a damaged SD card and how you can perform damaged SD card photo recovery with ease. Read this informative write-up till the end to know the benefits of the tool and few insights on how you can prevent data loss from damaged SD card.

“Your card is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?” Have you come across similar error messages while trying to access your SD card? Then it is a sign of a damaged or corrupted SD card.

How did my SD card get damaged?

There are many reasons which causes damage to your SD card. To be precise, it may happen due to mishandling of card by the user or due to malware. If the card is damaged, then you may not be able to access it or the system will not detect it.

How Can I Recover Photos from A Damaged SD Card?

Regardless of the severity of damage on SD card, the data still exists on the SD card, it all depends on the actions taken after realizing the SD card has gotten affected. You can recover photos from a damaged SD card by using a professional photo recovery software. Remo Recover photo recovery software is the tool you are looking for. This tool scans and recovers photos and other file formats from your damaged SD card. Just launch the software and select the damaged SD card that must be scanned. The software scans the damaged SD card and recovers photos from SD card.

Note: Plugging out the SD card abruptly while it is transferring photos by cut and paste method from one device to another leads to damage on SD card. In such case you can read this write-up that speaks about recovering lost photos during data transfer.

Software to Recover Images from Damaged SD Card:

Built with a deep scan feature, the tool is capable of locating photos from your severely damaged SD card. This feature implements in-depth scan on every physical sector of the storage device making it the most appropriate tool to recover lost images from damaged SD card. Download now and get a peek at all the lost files using preview feature, even before saving them!!

It is quite common for SD cards on cameras like DSLR to get damaged. As various brands use different RAW formats to save the photos, Remo Recover has been developed with in-built support for various Raw file formats like ORF, CR2, NEF, KDC, K25, CR2, DNG, etc. Additionally, this tool can also be complemented for recovery of generic image and video formats, Ex: JPEG, .mov, .avi etc. Irrespective of any SD card mounting devices like camera, smart phones and camcorders, this tool can perform damaged SD card photo recovery.

It can even recover pictures from formatted hard drive, USB drive etc. and you can save them to any desired location. Various Brands of SD cards supported by Remo Recover include SanDisk, Kingston, Transcend, Sony, and Lexar etc.

Benefits & Features of Remo Recover Photo Recovery Software:

  • Capable of identifying and recovering more than 300 file formats making damaged SD card photo recovery process efficient
  • Recovers data from XD card and restore them back safely
  • Recovered photos and other files can be sorted on the basis of their name, size and file creation date
  • It can easily perform lost data recovery from SanDisk SD card and even supports various other types of memory cards like SDXC, SDHC, MMC, etc.
  • The recovered files can be saved to any desired storage location like DVD, pen drives, flash drives, external hard disks, etc.

Steps to Recover Pictures from Damaged SD Card?

Download, install and launch Remo Recover Photo Recovery software on your computer. Insert your damaged SD card in the computer.

Step 1: Select Recover Photos from the main screen and select your damaged SD card from the Drives/ Partition section.

Step 2: Click on Scan and wait for the software to recover images from damaged SD card.

Step 3: Once the scanning process is completed, you can view your recovered photos from damaged SD card in File Type View or Data View.

Step 4: You can preview the images by double-click on the recovered photos and evaluate the quality of the images and recovery process as well.

How to Avoid Any damages Or Corruption In SD Cards?

  • When you are using Cut and Paste option, do not remove the cards while it is in use so that the data loss from the SD card can be avoided
  • Eject the SD card using Safely Remove option
  • Have the periodic backups of your SD card data so that the photos can be backed up in data loss scenarios

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