Manuals for Outlook backup, Remo Backup and Outlook migration

  • Move Outlook to New Computer

    Follow this simple guide to transfer Outlook settings, folders, attributes and other data to new computer, OS or Outlook version.

  • How to Migrate Outlook?

    Dont compromise with just exporting your emails. Follow the steps to completely migrate Outlook including folder structure, drafts, notes etc.

  • How to backup Outlook Calendar?

    Outlook calendar filled with important events, meetings and other schedules can be backed up in just three clicks. Learn more here.

  • Transfer Outlook notes

    You can specifically transfer just you Outlook notes to another computer without any hassle. Click to know how.

  • How to backup Outlook in Windows XP?

    Even though you are using an Outdated Outlook version in Windows XP, you can simply follow the instructions in this article to flawlessly transfer data onto a new Outlook version or Windows OS.

  • Steps to backup and restore Outlook settings

    As we keep using Outlook, we alter and customize a lot of settings. You can avoid the tiresome reconfiguration by taking a backup of Outlook settings and restore them as shown in this article.

  • Backup Outlook 365

    Office 365 is integrated with OneDrive, however with Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate you can keep an Offline copy of Outlook data including settings, emails, calendar, tasks etc.

  • Move Outlook profile to new computer

    Creating a new profile can be risky and involves the complex procedure of exporting and importing PST file. Follow these instructions instead to easily migrate all you Outlook profile to new computer.

  • Transfer Outlook contacts

    Learn all about moving Outlook contact information, email addresses or whole address book to anohter computer, or Windows version in this write up.

  • How to restore Outlook backup

    Improper restore procedure of Outlook backup can result in permanent loss of Outlook data. Follow the simple instructions to securely restore your Outlook.

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