Data Recovery - Remo Recover

  • Data recovery from simplest to complex data loss scenarios
  • Recover data from hard drives, USB drives, flash memory cards and iPods
  • Data recovery of files, photos, image files and partitions
  • Data restoration from accidental formatted, reformatted or repartitioned drives
  • Supports data retrieval from Windows and Mac operating systems

Data Recovery for Windows & Macintosh OS X

Data loss is very common and basic problem that may occur to anyone. Data loss may occur due to many reasons like accidental deletion, power surge, virus attacks, sabotage, formatting or reformatting of the partitions or volumes, file system corruption, software malfunction, operating system crash, improper shutdown etc.

Remo Recover helps you to recover data from all data loss scenarios. Remo Recover, which has received best data recovery software reviews is available for both Mac and Windows operating system.

This software has been built to perform recovery under various scenarios, that's the reason why features like mentioned below have been made available: facilitates you to retrieve data from hard drive having bad sectors by creating disk images and performing recovery from those images. Data retrieval process using Remo Recover is even possible from all non-booting drives after Master Boot Record (MBR) corruption and partition deletion or corruption. It supports recovery of data from various storage devices, which include hard drives (SATA / SCSI / IDE etc.), external hard drives , SD, XD, MMC flash memory cards, USB drives, FireWire Drives and iPods.


Remo Recover

  • Recover accidentally deleted and lost files, photos, partitions or volumes
  • Recover deleted data, which has been emptied from Windows Recycle Bin or Mac Trash
  • Restore data from formatted partitions, reformatted drives or even after reinstalling Windows or Mac OS X
  • Retrieve data from deleted or inaccessible partitions
  • Get back data even when the hard drive has crashed, does not boot, do not mount or fail to mount
  • Identifies and recovers up to 300 file types including office files, photos, zip archives, audio and video files based on their unique signatures
  • Supports recovery of data from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, exFAT, HFSX, HFS+ formatted partitions or drives

Typical scenarios in which Data Recovery is needed

We have listed down a few case scenarios below on which detailed information is provided on their respective pages in this website.

Recover data after reformat
You reformat your partition / volume when you want to change from FAT file system to NTFS file system or vice versa. This data recovery tool helps you in recovering data from previous file system available on partitions or Mac volumes even after formatting.

Recover deleted data
Deletion of data accidentally is a very common data loss situation. Easily recover accidentally deleted data, data emptied from Recycle bin, data deleted by using shift+delete key combination and by using Windows command prompt to delete files.

Recover data from my external hard drive
Generally, external hard drives are used for saving backup of critical data and being a removable device it is always prone to human errors like mishandling, abrupt removal of the drive, accidental formatting or deleting the data, accidentally reimaging the destination drive having data are some of the most common reasons that may attribute to data loss.

Recover data from formatted hard drive
You might require formatting your hard drive when you want to reinstall a latest operating system and may forget to backup important data from the previous installation of Windows or Mac. Also, the system restore options that are available with most of the laptops will format the existing installation and reinstall the same operating system over an existing one, mostly users may get confused with this option and to repair some common issues on their Windows they tend to use system restore CD / DVD option provided by their laptop manufacturers.

Recover data from RAID 5 array
Data loss may occur on RAID5 partitions when you reformat, delete data or delete any existing partition. Our software can handle such data loss situations not only on RAID 5 but also on RAID 1 and RAID 0 arrays.

Lost data recovery
Data can be lost due to various reasons, which includes third party applications deleting data, files lost after defrag process failure, when Windows executes chkdsk on its own and may create some junk entries out of critical data or it may delete important files, power surge, virus attacks, sabotage, operating system crash, improper shutdown, formatting etc.

Recover data from SCSI drive
Servers and RAID controllers make use of SCSI drives because of their durability and reliability. Data can be lost from these drives due to lost or corrupt boot partition, formatting, power glitches, improper shutdown, system crash or when you encounter errors like "Start Unit Request Failed" when the system boots.

Partition recovery
Partition may be lost due to various reasons, which include accidental partition deletion, partition resizing, incomplete upgradation of operation system, failure in file system conversion process, corrupt partition table, moving hard drive from one computer to another or malfunction of third party programs leading to partition loss.


  • Remo Recover is non-destructive read-only software, which does not involve any writing operation on your hard drive that leads to further data loss.
  • Download the free demo version of this data recovery utility to evaluate the chances of recovery before purchasing the full version.

Related Information

Formatted Data Recovery
There are chances of data recovery even after formatting your hard drive, if it is not overwritten by a new data. Remo Recover Pro edition software is specially designed to recover files and folders from a formatted storage drive. To know how to recover formatted data from your hard drive, just go through this page.

Memory Card Recovery
Data loss from memory cards is a common issue and occurs as a result of many reasons like deletion, formatting the memory card, file system corruption etc. Refer this page to know how Remo Recover will help you in recovering data from memory card.

Recover Lost Photos after System Restore
If you have not backed up your data before performing system restore, then your data might be at risk. Are you are in a situation where you have performed the system restore process without having a backup? Then Remo Recover can help you in getting back those lost files, photos, music etc. Refer to this page which explains you on how to recover lost photos after system restore..

Recover Data after Disk Boot Failure
When "Disk Boot Failure" occurs, it makes all your data present in the hard drive inaccessible. Remo Recover software is a complete recovery solution for your lost data. For further details on how to recover data from a hard drive which fails to boot.

Undelete Files from Hard Drive
Remo Recover application utilizes special algorithms for recovering deleted files from your hard drive. It also provides "Show deleted" option for viewing deleted files separately. Read this article to learn how to undelete files that are deleted from your hard drive.

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