Recently I upgraded my PC form old Windows 7 Home edition to Windows 7 Professional edition. After formatting the HDD I realized that I have committed a biggest mistake of my life. I forgot to take backup of some important files. Is there any software that can perform data recovery after formatting the hard drive? If so please provide it and explain the procedures I need it hardly…

Yeah it’s a bit harder when we come to know that, that we have committed a big blunder intentionally. Particularly at the time of formatting a PC hard drive. It’s always a big hectic headache sound to hear that “I forgot to take backup before formatting”. These kinds of headaches can be cured only by a vitalized medicine. Here the medicine is deployment of perfect recovery software loaded with powerful mechanism. Software with vitalized mechanism is provided here. The name of the vital software is Remo Recover. The algorithm used in it is an extremely large power house that scans rigorously for data within a formatted hard drive.

Whenever a hard drive or any storage device is formatted only the outer covers are cleared so that the drive will look neat and clean. In real the actual data still resides silent in the core in the form of binary digits. Remo Recover is a kind of software that reads these binary digits and reconstructs the formatted data in the drive using it heavy geared mechanism.

Advantages: This tool also comes handy to recover data from missing partition such as NTFS, NTFS5, FAT32, FAT16, HFS+ and HFSX. If you wish to know more, click on given link.

Some of the very common scenarios where people format the hard drive and Remo comes to the rescue are as follows.

  • Formatting the hard drive unintentionally
  • Hard drives formatted by third party applications and utilities
  • Memory cards formatted using phones
  • Formatted drives with freshly installed operating system either Windows or Mac
  • Formatted hard drives with bad sectors and bad clusters

Here are some valuable assets that made Remo Recover so popular among its users.

  • Deserved 24x7 customer support facility is always reconciled
  • Independent of the hard drive brands
  • Perfect synchronization with the widely used operating systems like Windows and Mac
  • Support for easy installation in all the latest version of the operating systems.
  • Most of all widely used Raid levels 0, 1 and 5 are well supported

Basic procedural steps to perform data recovery after format

  • Get the Remo Recover software from the download link provided here and install it in either Windows or Mac operating system as per the need
  • Start the recovery process by initiating the installed application
  • From the window in the main screen select “Recover Drives” option it will route to a new screen
  • Choose “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” option in that screen
  • A window with all the available hard drive and partitioned volumes will appear. Choose the one that has the formatted data
  • If the data recovery need to be customized select the file types by check boxing them in the window shown
  • Once the next option is clicked the software will start recovering the data from the formatted drive for the selected file type and put them on the display
  • Save the session, purchase the software and extract the recovered data from the saved session and store it in any storage drives.

Are you wandering how to recover deleted data from USB flash drive? Then try a Remo Recover application and get back all deleted data in simple way. Know more by visiting provided link.

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