Data Recovery after USB Flash Drive not Recognized

I have stored office documents and other files in USB flash drive and now it is not getting recognized when I connect to PC or Laptop. Is it possible to retrieve lost data?

Yes, using any reliable data recovery software you can easily recover those data back. Usually whenever you connect USB flash drive to PC or Laptop if it pops up a message “USB flash drive not recognizing”, then no need to worry because this message pops up when your flash drive file system is corrupted but data will be safe. In order to retrieve data back you need to use Remo Recover Windows Pro edition. This tool is very efficient to recover data after USB flash drive is not recognizing in PC and it is more user-friendly tool, a novice user can operate this tool easily.

Various scenarios that affect your USB flash drive file system to get corrupt

Suppose when you connect USB flash drive to PC or Laptop, then it will not recognize very soon. In hurry, you may disconnect suddenly without using Safe Remove option and frequently doing insertion, ejection process makes your flash drive corrupt, and finally, you are not able to access that USB flash drive furthermore and consequently lose the files stored in it.

In addition, storing virus infected data and connecting USB flash drive to virus infected PC or Laptop may result in virus threats and malwares easily spreading into your drive. After it is being severely affected by these virus threats, file system may get corrupt and USB flash drive become inaccessible resulting in loss of data. In such situations, use efficient tool like Remo Recover Windows tool to get them back efficiently irrespective of reasons.

Other possible scenarios on which software can be used

Suppose when you connect USB flash drive to antivirus installed PC or Laptop, sometimes system pops up a message “Format a drive”. In case you agreed for formatting such time, you will lose all data stored on it. In such a case, data from USB drive can be recovered with this software. Another scenario is, when you are running out of memory in drive to store other files then you may decide to delete unwanted files but if you delete vital files instead of deleting unwanted files, then it results in loss of files. In above scenario, you can use this tool to get back your lost or deleted files easily.

More benefits of having this tool

  • It is capable to rescue more than 300 file types such as audio, video, documents etc from formatted or inaccessible USB flash drive
  • It scans your drive in deep with the help of efficient algorithms and locates all files missed or deleted irrespective of reasons
  • Provides Find tool to locate specific files in recovered list

Do and Don’ts with USB flash drive

  • Always eject connected USB flash drive using Safe Remove option only
  • Do not store virus-infected data
  • Scan regularly with updated antivirus
  • Do not keep vital files in drive for longer time

Steps to recover data from USB flash drive

  • Initially connect your corrupted or inaccessible USB flash drive to any PC or Laptop where you like to install software
  • Download tool and install successfully. Main screen appears with three major options,  select "Recover Photos" as shown in figure Figure 1
  • Choose your USB flash drive from the list and click on "Next" button to start scanning and recovery process, as shown in figure Figure 3
  • Once file recovery process completes you can preview list of recovered files in "File Type View" and "Data View" format Figure 5

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Whenever you lost data and would like to recover them back in such instance, stop using USB flash drive and do not store any other files. If you have committed this mistake,then probability of recovering files will be less.

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