Restore Files after Windows 10 Setup Fails

Get Back Data after Windows 10 Setup Failure

Your excitement in upgrading to Windows 10 ended in disappointment? Lost data from your system after Windows 10 setup failed? Stop worrying and quickly restore all files using Remo Windows Recovery software.

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The new Microsoft Windows 10 bug has bitten you too and you have decided to upgrade from Window 8 to Windows 10 OS. Its new and improved features when compared to its older versions make it even more exciting. So you are looking forward to start working on your new Windows system. Well, here is a downside-

Although many users have a smooth experience during the Windows 10 setup process, there have been few installation or upgrade errors that get in the way of the setup process. In fact, sometimes, Windows 10 setup process itself fails! So if you have also been through this situation and desperately looking for a solution to it, then read further...

Here are some of the errors that you may face during installation or upgrading: “Something happened”, “We couldn’t complete the updates. Undoing changes. Don’t turn off your computer”, “The update isn’t applicable to your computer”, and so on. These error messages are quite annoying and Windows setup process grinds to a halt. Some reasons due to which Windows 10 setup may fail are:

  • If there is not enough disk space available then Windows setup might not complete successfully
  • Bad RAM memory may be a reason behind Windows 10 setup failure
  • If you are going for clean install or dual booting, Windows creates additional partitions during setup. If you do not select the right partition then the setup may fail
  • At times, if you are upgrading from a previous Windows version and its system files are corrupted, then it prevents setup
  • Corrupt install media, non-essential external devices connected to your computer, incorrectly creating bootable copy of download media, etc. are some other reasons

Due to these issues, there are chances of operating system crash, hard disk corruption, or other such problems which leads to data loss. Moreover, if you have not backed up your files and folders prior to the upgrading process, then it leaves you distressed as recovery is not possible. But you don’t have to worry because Remo Recover is here to restore all your lost data after Windows 10 setup failure.

Recover Data after Windows 10 Setup Fails:

Remo Windows Recovery software is built with robust mechanism to scan and recover data lost due to Windows 10 setup failure. All your files and folders like ZIP archives, documents, music and other media files, backup files, etc. will be easily recovered from the drive which is corrupted due to errors in the installation process. If the setup process was incomplete due to bad sectors in the hard drive and eventually data was lost, then also this HDD recovery software helps in restoring files. You can create Disk Image files to bypass bad sectors and later retrieve data from these Disk Image files. The restored data can be sorted on the basis of file name, date, size and file type.

Watch the video to understand data recovery process for Windows 10:

Note: If you have decided to upgrade to Windows 10, do not install it on your primary computer. Rather, use a test computer to go about the process. But, if you must install it on your primary PC itself, then create a system image (disk image) of your entire computer so that you can restore it during any unforeseeable data loss scenarios.

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