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Retrieve Files After Windows 8 Reset

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Recently my Windows 8 system was severely attacked by virus and malware threats, after sharing data from other user and downloading data from internet. Due to this, I encountered with slow system performance and even a single process was taking too much time to done. Hence, I reset Windows 8 OS in system after this process I lost data that was stored on C drive. Please suggest some ideas to restore those lost data. Thanks in advance…

Windows 8 PC offers a built-in option i.e. Reset that will install the OS. When user opt this option and even it removes all virus and malware threats and boost your system performance. However, there are chances of losing data while performing this reset process in Windows 8 PC. But no need to worry about lost data because with the utilization of data recovery software like Remo Recover Windows application you can successfully restore all lost, formatted, deleted data from Windows 8 system with very safely and securely in a couple of minutes.

How is it possible to restore data even after opting reset option in Windows 8 system?

Of course you can restore all lost data from Windows 8 system because whenever you perform Windows 8 reset a list of lost data will not disappears permanently form hard disk instead resides in hard disk memory. However, you cannot able to view or access those data since their access pointers are gets deleted from table entry by making room for storing other fresh data. In this course of time, if you employ this Remo Recover Windows application that scan your hard disk and locate all files whose address pointer removed from table. Finally restore all types of files such as audio, video, pictures, documents, etc from Windows 8 PC without damaging them.

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Various other reasons behind loss of data form Windows 8 PC

  • Virus attacks:After severe attack of virus and other external threats, data stored on system hard drive gets corrupted and finally resulted in inaccessible files.
  • Formatting hard disk: It is a process of erasing all data stored on hard disk partition and allocating new memory location but if you perform this process without data backup will results in huge data loss.
  • Formation of bad sectors:Formation of hard disk bad sectors in huge amount, which will affect the data stored on that area, and finally results in loss of data.
  • Accidentally deletion:Most users may delete files accidentally while removing unwanted files from system, organizing files, viewing files, etc.

Have you lost data from Windows 8 PC due to any of above mentioned reasons or any other? If so, just make use of this Remo Recover Windows 8 application that can support all types of data loss scenarios and restores data from it in simple steps. Also, with this application data restoration after system restore is made easy on all types of files such as documents, texts, PPT and various others. In addition, it supports recovery of data from various versions of Windows OS such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, etc.

Other various advantages of Windows 8 PC

  • Restores data after emptying Recycle Bin
  • Restores all types of files form Windows 8 PC
  • Supports various brands of hard disk
  • Supports recovery of data from memory card, pen drive, external hard disk, etc
  • Provides free technical support
  • user friendly, ease and safe to use

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