How To Recover Data From Formatted External Hard Drive?

Updated on June 6, 2020

Data recovery from a formatted external hard drive can be efficiently done with a software and more than 300+ file types can be recovered. Remo Recover can retrieve data from an external hard drive of any brand and storage size.

Download the free version now to preview the files that can be restored from your external hard drive.

An external hard disk is of great importance to many users as a lot of important files and folders are stored on it. The external hard drive is a portable storage device and can be used in multiple computer systems, making it a reliable storage device to store data. Though the external hard drives make life easier, there are some unforeseen problems that cause data loss from it. One such data loss scenario is formatting the external hard drive. However, amongst the various methods to recover data, using a software like Remo Recover to retrieve data from external hard drives is the most effective way.

One of the common reasons for data loss from the external hard drive is formatting. Whether formatting the external hard drive is performed intentionally or accidentally, files saved on external HDD are lost.

Having a backup copy of crucial data makes formatted hard drive recovery a possibility. Otherwise, you are left desperate for a solution to recover data from formatted hard drive data.

Can You Recover Files After Formatting External Hard Drive?

Yes, with the help of a professional data recovery software, files from your formatted external hard drive can be restored. Restoring data from external hard drive after formatting is not difficult as you think. When an external hard disk is formatted, files from it are not completely erased. Data remains on the external hard drive; only its address is removed from the table entry. Hence, recovering data from an external hard disk is not difficult for a software like Remo Hard Drive Data Recovery Software.

Why Choose Remo to recover data from Formatted External Hard Drive?

So whenever the external hard drive is formatted accidentally or intentionally, Remo Recover helps you in recovering formatted hard drive data in a simple way. Even in situations when file system corruption leads to inaccessible external hard drive and formatting becomes necessary, the software comes in handy to retrieve formatted files in such situations.

Guidelines to Recover Data from Formatted External Hard Disk:

Download and install Remo Recover software on your system. Launch the software and from the main screen select Recover Partitions option. Select the formatted drive from which files must be recovered and click the Scan button for scanning to start. Once the scanning process is completed, the recovered data can be viewed using the Preview option. Select the required files to be saved on any preferred location of your choice.

Quick Note: After you install Remo Recover software on your system, connect your external hard drive to your computer using a cable to start retrieving files.

Watch This Video Tutorial And Know How to Recover Data From External Hard Drive:


As you know from the above that data loss after formatting an external hard drive is a common data loss scenario. It is suggested to keep a regular backup to avoid any data loss situation. Otherwise, make use of the Remo Recover tool to recover lost, deleted or formatted data easily.

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