Have you ever encountered a situation wherein you lost all your data from your USB flash drive due to formatting and found no ways to unformat the drive and perform data recovery on it? This post provides you a perfect solution to get your entire data back...

Few days back I was out on my business trip. I had to prepare the report summarizing all the activities happened in the entire trip and present it to my boss once returned to office. Hence I started making notes of every day activities and finally before returning I prepared the report & the presentation, which I saved in my USB flash drive. I went to print the entire report at a photocopy center. But after connecting the flash drive to the system I found that flash drive had become inaccessible. It was throwing an error; but in a hurry I inadvertently clicked on “Yes” without reading the error and ended up in formatting the flash drive. I lost all my reports and presentations and I didn’t even have time o recreate them!

It was really a scary and awful situation! However, with the help of powerful recovery software, which I found online I was able to get all my data back. Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) is the one such tool that helped me get my entire data back in just few minutes. The tool was able to perform data recovery from formatted flash drive easily without any hindrances. In addition, this tool is also capable enough to recover deleted data from USB flash drive with utmost ease.

How Remo Recover could achieve this?

 Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) has been specifically designed to recover data from formatted flash drives. It is incorporated with robust algorithms that could scan the flash drive repeatedly and extract back your entire files from the drive securely. It can be your documents, excel files, presentations, pdfs, images, videos, songs or any other type of data, this HDD Recovery Tool could effortlessly restore back all of them. Some of its features are as listed below:

  • Provides an instant solution to even recover back your data from the reformatted or corrupt flash drives
  • Works exceptionally well on all available brands of flash drives like Kingston, Transcend, Sony, Lexar, HP, and many others
  • Capable of recovering data from FAT 32, FAT216, NTFS, NTFS 5 etc. formatted flash drives
  • Supports recovery of your data from any version of both Windows and Mac machines including the latest ones Mac OS X Mavericks and Windows 8
  • Completely recovers all your data even from the formatted external hard drives, internal hard drives, memory cards, SD cards, CF cards etc.
  • After recovery it displays the recovered data in File type view and data view
  • Supports recovery of data even from inaccessible flash drives
  • Enables you to save the files at any location of your choice that too in a compressed ZIP format

Moreover, Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) is a read-only tool, which does not cause any harm or damage to the files while recovering. It just extracts the files from the drive securely. Since, the tool is a versatile in nature; you can even utilize this tool to recover data from missing partition of your USB flash drives easily. One other important aspect of this tool is its GUI that is designed to be highly intuitive and requires no prior technical knowledge to operate the application.

Steps to be followed to perform data recovery

First connect your flash drive that was formatted to your Windows or Mac machines. Now, download the Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) software on the system wherein you connected the flash drive and install it. After the installation process is completed, run the tool and follow the below explained steps:

  • From the main screen with three options select an appropriate option
  • In the consecutive screen having two options (refer Figure 2) choose the one according to the need
  • You will now be displayed with the list of all drives in the system, among them choose the one representing the flash drive to initiate the scanning session
  • After completion of the scanning all the recovered files will be displayed
  • Preview them and save the recovered files at any location

NOTE: You can even use the free trial version of the tool that provides the free preview of the recovered files and then if you are content with the results you can purchase and save the recovered data.

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