Formatted Kingston HyperX Datatraveler Recovery

Recover Data from formatted Kingston HyperX Datatraveler

Consider a situation, where you have stored all your vital files on Kingston HyperX datatraveler and wanted to transfer them to your laptop. Hence, you will connect your Kingston HyperX datatraveler to the laptop for transferring data. However, before starting the transfer, you will have to scan the datatraveler for viruses. Hence, you will right-click on it and select scan option and click on Yes for the confirmation message. But after completion of the scanning, when you try to send the files you will notice that Kingston HyperX datatraveler is empty! And you will not be able to find a single file on it. Then, you will realize that you have hit the “Format” option unknowingly on your Kingston HyperX datatraveler instead of selecting “Scan” option. This small mistake has landed you in a disastrous situation and you have lost all your data from Kingston HyperX datatraveler.

Just imagine that you are in the same situation and lost all your valuable data from the Kingston HyperX datatraveler! Very hard, no one could ever imagine such situations. But, it might happen at any time. Are you prepared to face such situations? Now, what will you do for your data? Don’t worry! There exists a solution for all the problems as is your data loss problem. Remo Recover is the one-stop solution for your worries. It can effortlessly perform data recovery from formatted Kingston HyperX datatraveler within few minutes. In addition, this tool also comes handy to recover lost data from PC in an effective way.

It's not the only one, there are many such situations…

You might be thinking this is the only situation for formatting, but you are wrong. There are many scenarios you which you would format your Kingston HyperX datatraveler and land in such data loss situations. Listed below are some of them:

  • Formatting without taking the backup: There are many situations in which you might format your Kingston HyperX datatraveler without taking the data backup. That is you may format your data traveler instead of formatting the some other drive or you might intentionally format it but forgot to take data backup. In both cases you will lose your data.
  • Errors while accessing the device: At times, when you try to access your Kingston HyperX datatraveler, you will fail in accessing. You would encounter an error message like “Drive not formatted; Want to Format it”, in such cases you will not be allowed to access the data until you format the datatraveler and will not even be permitted to take the data backup.
  • Virus infection: In some instances, virus infection to a single file would lead to corruption of the entire device. Even usage of the powerful anti-virus program might not help you and hence you will have to format the device.

What makes Remo Recover the best?

In all the above described situations, you can undoubtedly make use of this tool and restore your vital files from your Kingston HyperX datatraveler. However, that’s not the end! Even if you have formatted your drive in some other situation or you are not aware of the reason behind it, even then Remo HD Recovery tool comes in handy and recovers all your data from formatted Kingston HyperX datatraveler. It scans the entire device and extracts your data from it. Few of its extraordinary features are:

  • Allows recovery of data lost in any situation from your Kingston HyperX datatraveler, hence, it is a result-oriented software
  • Has the ability to identify each file type using its unique file signature after recovery data
  • Allows you to perform RAW signature Search, to facilitate easy and fast recovery of only the required files from Kingston HyperX datatraveler
  • Its GUI is an excellent and has the intuitive user interface that offers the comfortable and speedy recovery of files even for those who are not aware of the technical issues
  • And, with its free evaluation copy, you can testify its performance even before purchasing the tool

Supported thumb drive brands: Kingston, Transcend JetFlash, Sony, SanDisk, Edgedisk Go, Lexar JumpDrive, Verbatim Store 'n' Go and many others.

Supported Storage Devices: Hard drives, External hard drives, iPods, memory cards, SD cards, flash memory devices and many other USB devices.

Compatible Operating systems: Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8 and other available Windows versions, Mac OS 10.4, Mac Leopard, Mac Snow Leopard, Mac Lion and Mountain Lion etc.

Video below guides you the recovery steps for Kingston HyperX Datatraveler



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