A Simple Guide to Recover Data from Formatted PC

If you are worried about lost data after formatting your PC or laptop. Then we can assure you there’s no need for you to worry. This write-up talks about data recovery after format from PC or laptops.
The most preferred way to recover formatted data from a PC or laptop (of any brand Acer, Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba, etc.) is by making use of a powerful data recovery tool such as Remo Recover.

Written by John Harris, Updated on June 19, 2023

Formatting the computer could be one of the various methods, that you might have tried to re-partition your drive or to fix certain situations such as the PC running slow, virus, etc. Despite having an old backup of the formatted drive, you might have missed out on recently stored data before formatting the computer.

User Query: "Hi, i formatted the hard drive from my Lenovo laptop a few hours earlier to get rid of bad sectors. All important data was stored there as it was my personal laptop and now it is completely lost because of the formatting. Please help me recover data from the formatted laptop hard drive."

As per the above user query, you might also want to know how to recover data after formatting the PC. In order to recover data from a formatted PC, stick till the end of the article. Though the major question is whether you can recover formatted data on a PC?

Table of Contents:

  1. Can you even Recover Formatted Data From a laptop or Computer?
  2. In what situations does formatting becomes crucial?
  3. How To Recover Data From Laptop or Desktop after Format?
  4. Few vital Tips to remember when Formatting Your PC
  5. Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Recover Data After Formatting PC Or Laptop?

Yes, you can recover data from a formatted PC or laptop. When you fully format your computer with a fresh copy of the operating system, all the data on the hard drive will be deleted. In reality, the data will not be erased from the hard drive until it is overwritten with new information.

Therefore, to increase the chances of recovering the formatted data, it is recommended not to make any changes to the system. However, you cannot access the existing data on the hard drive manually.

Having said that, you might be wondering how to recover data from a formatted laptop or PC or recover data from an external hard drive. The only way to recover data is by making use of professional data recovery software. 

Why Is Formatted Data Recovery Software Necessary?

Given that you are a frequent user of various storage devices or drives, you are probably aware that you may need to format the storage discs or devices from time to time in order to restore functionality due to issues such as:

  • When Operating System is not found.
  • There’s a Disk error.
  • When there is an Invalid or corrupted file system.
  • If the device is not accessible.
  • Primary or Secondary Hard disk failure.
  • When you cannot find the file or program you’re looking for.

Irrespective of the reason why you have formatted your system. The end result is always the same “Data Loss”. You end up losing your files permanently if you don’t act fast.
So the real question is how to recover formatted data from a laptop.
The only way you can recover formatted data is by using dependable formatted data recovery software. So, where can you find a dependable formatted data recovery program or software to assist you?
This is where Remo Hard Drive Data Recovery Software comes to your rescue.

How To Recover Data After Formatting Computer/laptop?

The working of Remo Recover is based on the idea that files are not permanently removed after formatting. With the help of a deep scan algorithm, the software scans each sector of the formatted PC thoroughly. Then it identifies files based on the file signatures and recovers them in the same manner as it was originally present.

Basically, all your Word & Excel documents, PPTs, PDFs, Images, Videos & Audio files can be recovered by this tool. Nearly the recovery of 500 types of file formats is supported by Remo Recover. The software supports all versions of Windows OS, including Windows 11 and Windows 10.

The software is capable of undertanding and recover data from formatted USB drives, SD cards, SSD, etc without breaking any sweat

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Steps to Recover Data from Formatted PC

Download the Remo Hard Drive Recovery tool and install it on your PC. Once the installation process gets completed, launch the software and wait for the main screen.

1. Select Drive from the main screen.

Note: If you’re unable to locate the drive click on Can’t Find Drive? option on the bottom left corner, this will scan your computer to list the missing drives.

Formatted Recovery - Image 1

2. Next, select the drive which you have formatted and click on the 'Scan' button in the bottom right corner. After the Quick Scan, the tool runs into Deep Scan automatically wherein it scans your drive sector by sector to recover any missing data.

Formatted Recovery - Image 1

3. Now simultaneously while the deep scan is running, Remo Recover prepares a list of all the recovered files. This list is available in Dynamic Recovery View.

Formatted data Recovery

Note: You do not have to wait for the scan to be completed, if you find the files you wanted to recover you can easily download them and pause the abort the scan.

4. You can use the Advanced Filter to locate the files and view them in the Preview window.

Use advanced filter option to find data from a partition

5. Finally, select the files you need and save them in any desired location.

Note: If you have lost files from recycle bin of your windows system, Kindly try the methods mentioned in this article to recover deleted files from Recycle Bin.

Tips to consider next time you format a PC:

Usually, people tend to execute a quick disk formatting on their computers as soon as a hard drive or storage media has some issues such as when it turns unreadable, is not opening, is not accessible, or is filled up with junky data files on it.

Generally, it's quick and easy to format an external hard drive or a USB flash drive, because they usually have data that can be easily transferred or copied to another place for a backup.

However, Windows desktop or laptop storage has a close relationship with the operating system and also system programs, therefore in addition to a data backup, there are some other noteworthy steps you should take before formatting a computer or laptop.

Here are some tips for you to consider before you format a computer or erase data on it:

  1. Take a full backup of everything you need on your computer.
  2. Copy all your drivers such as graphics, audio, etc.
  3. Keep a copy of your operating system, if you don't want to reinstall it again.
  4. It is always better to note down your browser accounts, passwords, and settings.
  5. Deactivate the software if it works with a single license code on one PC and then you can activate it after the format.
  6. Please save your operating system’s serial keys since you need them to reactivate later.
  7. Save your product key for all programs, especially for the purchased ones like Office, Adobe products, etc.

Important Note: If you have deleted files from your Windows 11 system and are looking for ways to recover data. Then follow this article to find out how to recover deleted files on Windows 11.


Formatting the computer is one of the best methods to organize the data in different partitions, as well as fix any issues. Sometimes it can be difficult to back up all the data before formatting the computer. However, if you keep backing up your data in a timely manner, you can avoid such tricky situations. But if you have lost your data after formatting, you can always rely on Remo Recover to recover data from a formatted PC this also helps in recovering data from reimaged hard drives and computers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Formatting your PC or restoring it to an earlier state can clean out any troublesome background programs and wipe your computer's hard drive of any nonessential files. But it doesn't delete complete data on it, just allocates the new address tables, so until you add new data on your formatted PC there are great chances of recovering data from a formatted PC using a reliable tool such as Remo Recover.

Those who don't want or are unable to employ data recovery software like Remo Recover can recover data from a backup (if there is one, to begin with):

  • Open the backup file.
  • Find the files you'd like to recover.
  • Copy them to a hard drive or PC that has been formatted.

When you format your Windows 10 or Windows 11, you do not lose the Windows 10 or 11 license, since it is saved to your computer BIOS. This means you’ll get a fresh set of Windows Operating system on your computer as if it was recently updated. But there are chances you can lose data on the system when you format the laptop and do not have a backup of laptop or PC data.

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