Best Way to Recover Data from Windows 8!

Did you format your Windows 8 without backup? Or you might shift+delete your important files on Windows 8? Whatever may be the situation your precious data will be lost. Data loss in the digital age can happen for a large amount of reasons. In such cases you don’t have to worry because it is possible to recover your entire data unless the files are overwritten. So, after you lose your data, do not save any new files on it or perform any activities on the system, just stop using the drive. In case you store new files, these files will overwrite your old lost files making recovery impossible.

Remo Recover (Windows) software is the best data recovery software for Windows 8. The tool is especially designed to restore your lost data from Windows 8 machines. It is equipped with robust scanning algorithms that could scan and extract your complete data with high precision.

What could be reasons leading loss of data from Windows 8?

  • Accidental deletion: You might delete your important files accidently from Windows 8 computer by pressing "Shift + Delete" keys or during emptying of recycle bin. At times, files are even deleted by using command prompt. In all these cases, data will be deleted from your computer hard drive.
  • Formatting: In some cases, formatting the Windows 8 hard drive to access the inaccessible disk or to remove the viruses or any malware infections from the drive without taking data backup will cause loss of your data.
  • Upgrading OS: While upgrading the Windows 8 on your computer, sometimes due to some unexpected bugs the entire drive might become inaccessible in turn causing data loss.
  • Virus / Malware attacks: There are situations where in due to the action of malware and viruses, you might lose your valuable data. Once a virus or malware gets into your computer, they could multiply them self and harm the entire file system causing inaccessibility of files.
  • Other reasons: Sudden power failure while working on Windows 8, improper partitioning of the drive and many others will all lead to loss of your vital data.

Remo Recover (Windows) features and abilities

Remo Recover (Windows) is a powerful yet comprehensive tool that is capable of recovering all your lost data from your Windows 8 systems with high precision. The tool is well-built with many capabilities that help you in recovering data lost in any situation. It can restore any type of data like documents, spreadsheets, images, videos, songs and many more from your Windows 8.

  • Has the capability to recover more than 300 + types of files form Windows 8 systems
  • Easily restores data in just few minutes from all types of file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS 5, ExFAT and many others
  • Capable of recovering data by preserving its original structure without causing any damage to the contents of the file
  • Enables you to recover the lost data from any storage devices like hard drive, external hard drive, thumb drive, memory cards, SD cards and other devices on Windows 8
  • Provides preview of all your lost files even before purchasing the tool
  • Assists you to save the recovered data at any location of your choice that too in a compressed ZIP files
  • Compatible with other Windows versions like Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and other available Windows versions

NOTE: You can even use Remo Recover (Windows) to perform Windows Server data recovery. For more details just click on the link provided.

Procedure to perform Windows 8 data recovery

Remo Recover (Windows) requires just few inputs from the user and a couple of minutes, to get back your entire data. Its GUI is designed to provide step-wise instructions in the entire recovery process. First, download the Remo Recover (Windows) software on your Windows 8 machines and install it. Now follow the below listed steps:

  • Once you launch the software from the main screen select “Recover Drives” option like Figure 1
  • In the consecutive screen just select “Formatted / Reformatted recovery” as in Figure 2
  • Choose the drive from where you lost your data as in Figure 3
  • The software then starts the recovery procedure and after completion lists the outcome as shown in Figure 4
  • Now, you will have to preview the files with “Preview” (Figure 5) and select the files for saving
  • Then, save the selected files by “Save” option (Figure 6)
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