DBX Recovery

  • Recover emails deleted or lost from Outlook Express DBX files
  • Recover DBX when it appears blank and doesn't show any content
  • Simple recovery option that helps to recover emails in .eml format

dbx Recovery Software

Outlook Express is the Internet e-mail and news reader included with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.0 and later up to version 6.0. It shares the Outlook name, Outlook Express doesn't have the task- and contact-management capabilities like Microsoft Outlook, nor can it handle e-mail other than Internet mail.

Outlook Express has been prone to a number of problems which can corrupt its email database, especially when the database aka DBX archive increases in size due to increasing number of stored emails and during database compaction. This has led to a thriving market for programs that can back up, restore and recover corrupted files. However, with latest updates applied, Outlook Express now makes backup copies of dbx files prior to compaction. They are stored in the Recycle Bin. If an error occurs during compaction and messages are lost, the dbx files can be copied from the Recycle Bin.

However, despite these backup methods and precautionary measures, there are instances when the dbx file gets corrupted. Some of the problems that are generally faced, can be listed as follows,

  • Sluggish behavior while switching folders.
  • Outlook Express starts stalling frequently.
  • Outlook Express crashes when you try to open the damaged folder and shows error messages

In most of these cases, the user might compact the dbx file. This results in loss of already deleted emails from the dbx file. In such situations, you must use a good dbx recovery software, which can recover all the deleted/lost data from the corrupted dbx fileRemo Recover Outlook Express software makes dbx recovery an effortless task. The software presents the user with an easy-to-use interface, which makes the dbx recovery process an easy task, even for a novice. Some of the key features of the software can be summarized as follows,

  • The software uses the advanced DBX repair technology to locate and recover dbx emails even when the archive file is having intensive damages.
  • The software recovers the complete email header which provides lot of valuable information.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Outlook Express 5.0, 5.01, 5.5, 6.0 & Microsoft Outlook Express 4.0.

Shown below, are some of the screenshots of the dbx recovery software,

Figure 1

Select dbx file

Figure 2

Select destination drive

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How to Recover Deleted Emails from Outlook Express
When you want to recover deleted emails from Outlook Express you will need to identify the DBX file from which these emails were deleted. Remo Software Outlook Express recovery tool finds all the DBX files present in your system and allows you to select any specific DBX for you to perform recovery. Once all emails are recovered, use the simple drag and drop function to restore all emails back to your Outlook Express folder.

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