How to Defrag the Hard Drive?

What is disk defragmentation?

Disk defragmentation is the process of consolidating the fragmented data on your computer hard drive. This process arranges your entire data present on the hard drive in a continuous manner.

Disk fragmentation occurs over time as you save, delete or update the files. Whenever you save a file, due to fragmentation your file will be divided into small logical pieces and saved on different locations of your hard disk. Any additional changes or updates made are saved in the similar fashion. As time goes by, both file and hard drive itself might become over fragmented, and your system becomes slow. This happens because it has to look at many different locations to fetch all the fragments and rearrange them to open a single file. Hence, fragmented hard drive reduces the performance of the computer. Due to these, defragmenting your hard drive becomes very important. In such instances, you can make use of the Remo Drive Defrag tool that can efficiently defrag hard drive and increase your PC performance.

Remo Drive Defrag features

Remo Drive Defrag tool is an excellent tool using which you can effectively defrag your hard drive. This tool can also be used to perform defragmentation on your hard drives, external hard drives, partitions and even on selected files. This in turn assists you in improving the overall performance of your Windows system as it helps the hard drive to access the files faster.

Important features of Remo Drive Defrag

Remo Drive Defrag improves the booting speed of your system. It increases the performance of your drive up to 100% and thus, you will be able to open and load the programs, web browser and office application etc. faster. Defragmentation also play a vital role in increasing the age of your hard drive as it reduces the work load for it. Moreover, with this utility there are chances of recovering any of your deleted files.

Remo Drive Defrag tool provides a complete examination of the hard drive before and after the defragmentation process. That is before defragmenting it, you can examine the exact level of fragmentation and after the completion of the defrag process, you can view the generated analysis report, which will give you a complete idea about the decreased fragmentation level.

This application offers two different options to defrag your hard drive. You can choose one from the two options based on the need. The “Quick defragmentation mode” option provides flexibility to defrag only selected file types that are often used and “Deep defragmentation mode” can be used for a drive that has not been defragmented for long time. This software supports defragmentation on Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, and Windows XP etc.

Steps to defrag your hard drive

  • Download and install the Remo Drive Defrag software on your system
  • Launch the software
  • From the given list select the drive on which you want to perform defragmentation and hit on “Analyze” option. Once the analysis is complete hit on “Next” to view the fragmented file report
  • Click on the “Next” option again for defragmentation options.
  • Now, you can choose one option from the two modes that are “Quick Defragmentation” or “ Deep defragmentation” mode
  • When you select “Quick Defragmentation” mode you will get two defrag types. Choose “Defrag Full Drive” to defrag all file types present on that partition / drive or choose “Defrag only selected file types” option to defrag only the selected file types. After selecting the desired option click on “Next”
  • Once you have selected the mode of defragmentation the software starts the defragging process. After completion click “Next” to start the analysis of the hard drive after the defragmentation process
  • Hit on “Finish” to complete the defragmentation process

Helpful Precautions

  • It is recommended not to use your system or access any file when the defrag is running as there are chances of losing your vital files
  • Security processes like anti virus and firewall should be closed since these applications could create or even delete files that hinders the effectiveness of defragmentation
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Safe and Secure
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