Secure and simple way to defrag Registry

The Registry is one of the important parts of Windows computers which comprises of all information related to the hardware and software installed on your PC. When you perform any operation on your PC, then some information will be added or removed from the Registry. The entries that are not required anymore are removed from the Registry. However, a lot of entries are left behind even though the corresponding software or hardware is not used on your computer. It causes the Registry to bloat up, that result in registry fragmentation.

Why you need to defrag Registry?

When you uninstall any application on your PC, the keys of removed applications are still retained on Windows Registry and that end up in fragmenting Registry. It does not end here as the fragmented Registry files can corrupt your applications configurations, causing errors while running any application and increases the risk of your computer crash. So to make your system run faster and properly, you need to defrag Registry.

How to Defrag Registry?

Some users may already know about the Remo MORE software and understood its role in defragmenting Windows Registry. Still if you don’t know about this software role in fixing the Registry performance errors, then let us know here. The Remo MORE software is one of the commonly used applications to defrag Registry. This tool will help you to remove all fragmented files from the Registry. By running this software on your computer, you can remove the corrupt or invalid keys from the Registry. This will greatly increases the computer speed as well as prevents unexpected events like system crash.

How does the Remo MORE software works?

The Remo MORE software compares what is in the Registry to what actually is on your PC and then fix the erroneous entries. It will analyze the Registry and shows total size of the Registry, the size after defragmentation and how much size is wasted. To defrag Registry, you are away from just one click on “Compact” option. When you click on “Compact”, the registry defrag will be completed.

Keeping the Registry more compact is very essential thing as it can increase your computer performance. The Remo MORE is a fast and necessary tool to defrag Windows Registry. This software makes your Registry as small as possible and greatly improve your system performance. This software can be used for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. After defragmenting Registry by using this software, you have to restart your system to make the defragmentation changes effective. The Remo MORE software consumes a less amount of memory and utilizes moderate CPU when it is performing the Registry Defragmentation.

Ease of Use

The Remo MORE software is extremely easy to use for professionals as well as average users. The user interface of this software provides a standard view where you need to go through only few buttons to defrag Registry. The user can get the stunning visual presentation of fragmented and defragmented areas of Windows Registry.

Steps to defrag Registry:

Step 1: Select “Optimize” option from the main page of Remo MORE software as shown in Figure 1

Step 2: From the next screen choose “Registry Cleaner” and then “Defrag Registry” option as shown in Figure 2

Step 3: Wait when your Registry is analyzed by the software as shown in Figure 3

Step 4: Finally, after defragmentation a new screen is displayed with the info about the defrag process as shown in Figure 5

Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure
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