How to Defrag hard disk

The performance of your system is inversely proportional to the number of fragments on your hard drive, i.e. as the number of fragments on your hard drive increases the performance of your system goes down. In addition, fragmentation can also reduce the lifespan of your hard disk because a fragmented hard disk increases workload on the entire system. Hence to enhance performance and prolong the lifespan of your hard disk, it is imperative to carry out defragmentation of the drive. The safest and easiest way to carry out defragmentation is with the help of Remo Drive Defrag Software.

Remo Drive Defrag Software:

Remo Drive Defrag Software is an innovative tool that can defrag hard drives / partitions or even selected files. This tool will make your hard disk boot faster and in turn improve the overall performance of your Windows system. It supports Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008. Some of the features of Remo Drive Defrag are-

  • It reduces the workload on the hard drive by efficiently managing the available storage space and thus increases the life span of the hard disk
  • It increases the chances of recovering deleted file
  • Performance increases by hundred folds
  • Booting speed of your computer increases, etc.

Hence Remo Drive Defrag is the most advanced defragmentation tool in the market.

Why use Remo:

Remo Drive Defrag Software is equipped with a simple and user friendly interface. It provides the user with two different options for defragmentation, namely, ‘Quick Defragmentation’ and ‘Deep Defragmentation’. The user can choose Quick defragmentation for flexibility to defrag files / folders that is often defragmented or select Deep defragmentation to defrag drives that has never been defragmented. In addition, it is a read-only and virus free application that guarantees 100% integrity of data. Moreover, it occupies very less disk space, which adds to its user friendly nature.

How to use Remo Defrag:

It is very simple and easy to carry out defragmentation using Remo Defrag Software. All you need to do is, download and install the software on your Windows PC. Next, double click on the icon to run the application. Then select the drive that you want to defragment and click on Analyze tab. After completion of the analysis process, click on Next button for a complete report of the fragmented file. Now select either of the two defragmentation options and click on Next button. Finally view the defragmentation status report and click Finish tab to complete the defragmentation process.

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Safe and Secure
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