How to delete browsing history?

Each time you browse internet, every visited web page will be saved on your hard drive locally which is referred as browsing history. It contains detailed records like which websites you have visited with precise date & time. It also maintains a record of files you have downloaded from internet. All these information is managed and stored by web browsers on your computer’s memory in the form of browsing history, which you can easily see whenever you wish to do.

What is the importance of browsing history?

As in browsing history a local copy of every visited web page will be saved, if you request for the same web page, then you will be served from cache which is saved on your computer instead of downloading from web server again. Thus we can say that it helps in fast browsing. Apart from this, if you are an administrator in an organization and you want to tack the activity of your employee, then you can easily do this by referring the browsing history. It also helps parent in monitoring their kid’s activity on the internet.

What is stored in browsing history?

Browsing history on your computer consists of the following data.

  • Browsing and download history: In this section, all the data including browsing history which is the list of sites you have visited will get stored and in the download history, list of files will be stored which you have downloaded from Internet.
  • Cache: It keeps a local copy of web pages which you have visited and helps in loading faster next time when you request for the same page.
  • Offline websites data: If you have enabled this feature, then a website can store files and other data on your computer which helps you to use website offline.
  • Cookies: Cookies are small text file which contains information about a particular user when he login to a sites. It is sent by website to the browser and next time if you will login for same website then you will be searched with a custom page.

Why to delete browsing history?

There are many circumstances where you need to delete the browsing history from your computer. One of those is while using public computer. If you have visited some personal websites which you don’t want to disclose with others in public computer, then it is good practice to delete browsing history after use. At work, some companies discourage the employee to use internet other than business cause. Then it is good to delete browsing history to hide the websites you have visited.

Overall, it is always a good practice to delete browsing history from computer to leave hackers clueless, otherwise if your important login credentials are hacked by sniffers, then it could lead to a great problem and your privacy will be at stake. To delete browsing history from your computer, you can go for Remo MORE software which is most widely preferrd for clearing the browsing history in one click. It is built on a very powerful and robust algorithm which performs rigorous scan and deletes history from your computer. MORE suite has ability to clean junk data like temporary files, program activity, frees disk space by removing document history and Recycle Bin files on your computer apart from just deleting web browser history. It has a rich graphical user interface which helps user to interact with ease.

Steps to use Remo MORE software to delete browsing history:

  1. Download and install MORE suite on you system and launch it. After launching select "Optimize" option from Main Screen as depicted in Figure 1.
  2. Select "Privacy Cleaner" option from Optimize menu to delete browsing history as depicted in Figure 2.
  3. Then next select "Clean Browser Junk" tab to delete browsing history from browser as shown in the Figure 3.
  4. Now from the next screen, select the browsers from which you want to erase history and click on "Scan" button to proceed with scanning process as shown in Figure 4..
  5. Upon completion, you will get the detailed report of deleted items as shown in Figure 5.
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