Know how to erase browsing history on Mac!

Often we use internet to do perform our important tasks. It could for official purpose or for your personal jobs. Whenever you login on any website and perform crucial tasks such as online transactions, e-marketings, social networking, your login details get saved on browser history. Similarly, your personal searches and web pages what you see on web browser are saved on your local machine so that next time when you search for the same page or information, it can be reloaded from local storage that is web drowser.  In this way, web browser history is a useful feature that offers fast browsing and reloading of pages. This is benificial if you are doing work on your personal Mac machine but not when the same operations are being done on public Mac computers. To get rid of this serious issue, security exprts suggest users to erase browsing history on Mac machines specially if Mac device is not personally for you.

Since every web browser contains record of your every activity performed on internet, erasure of web history is a good deal if your are concerned about your privacy. There are different things to delete along with browser history in order to ensure complete security. Web browser that are using on your Mac computer is equipped with various features such as Cookies, Cache and history. Cookies are small text files that a website puts on your browser to support smooth and secure client server communication and session management. Using these Cookies, one can track your search preferences and internet activity on browser. Therefore, you should delete browser Cookies to secure your internet activities.

Another important thing about that you need to be concerned is, browser Cache. You can consider it as a hidden storage space on the browser that is used by browser to store web page elements such as icons, logos, images, html pages, script files and other temporary internet files that browser think usable again. However, Cache is useful for speeding up browsing speed but the information saved on Cache can be accessed by others. To escape from this accident, you should clear browser Cache and history after surfing is done.

Although you can delete browsing history on Mac as each browser comes with option to assist you in clearing browser data but it is enough to be sure about perfect erasure of your confidential information from browser. To bring perfection in this crucial task, user should always take help of a proficient third party application such as Remo MORE. Software provides you an advanced tool to delete browser history from Safari, Chrome, Firefox and other browsers on Mac OS X running systems hence offers the best security against unauthorized access and fastest browsing speed by erasing junk data from browser.

Steps to erase browser history on Mac:

Step1: Launch Remo MORE software on your Mac computer and select “Optimize” from the main window as shown in Figure 1

Step2: On the next screen select “Privacy Cleaner” option and then click on “Clean Browser Junk” option as shown in Figure 2

Step3: Now, you have to select the browser type and then mark the history item. Click on “Clean” option as shown in Figure 3

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