Delete Duplicate Files

Deletion of duplicate files is a very effective process that comes to our mind when we need to free up some disk space on our computer. Although, we can reclaim the disk space by removing temporary files and cache, but removal of duplicate data will be more beneficial to get back significant amount of storage space. If you start to find spare information on your computer manually, it is obviously be an awkward and time-spending procedure. You may not be able to completely delete duplicate files from your personal system after a long hunt. To make this operation automatic as well as highly effective, you should employ a third party application such as Remo More software. It is an appropriate tool to find and delete duplicate files from computer easily and regain a large storage space occupied by those files.

You may occasionally discover seemingly alike files on your system. It generally happens if you save the same file in several locations or drives on your system. An enormous amount of duplicate file wastes your disk space and makes it complicated to manage your data on HDD. Even, it will also be difficult to find original information you want if various files have same name. These files may scattered over your whole computer, as a result, it is quite tough to find all of them quickly. In that case, if you want to delete duplicate files effortlessly choose this software. Using this utility, you can remove identical data in different folder and also in several drives.

A large number of duplicate files on disk can decrease the speed and performance of your system. Due to consumption of several duplicate data on disk, your computer can take more time to open any application. Besides that, you may have to wait for long time during start up if hard disk is almost full because of massive duplicate data. Storage of identical information can be increased continuously after downloading of same file from internet. Most of the time, to avoid searching of information, we download that file easily. To improve computer performance and free up disk space, immediately delete duplicate files using this prominent utility.

Through use of Remo MORE software, you will be benefitted with different awesome features in removal of identical data. This tool is designed with a powerful search engine to find out files with matching name, content and zero size. You can locate and remove duplicate images, documents, video, compressed files or any other data using this tool. You can perform this operation on a particular drive as well as on some selected folder on your computer. Not only that, this utility will also be helpful to delete duplicate files from memory card, USB flash drives and external hard disks also. Therefore, this Remo MORE software is an ultimate program to remove identical files and improve system performance in simple clicks.

Steps to Delete Duplicate Files :

  1. Download and install this software on your computer to remove duplicate files. After launching it, click on "Optimize" option and then choose "Remove Duplicates" from next screen as shown in Figure 1.
  2. Select the "Find Duplicate Folder" to find duplicate data on specific folder as shown in the Figure 1.
  3. In this step, you can select the folder in which you want to find duplicate files and then click on "Proceed" button as shown in the Figure 1.
  4. After completion of scanning, a detailed report of duplicates files will be shown. You can delete the duplicate files selectively as shown in the Figure 1.

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