Easily Find & Delete Data from Computer!

With continuous use of a computer, lot of duplicate files are created by us knowing and unknowingly. These files are mainly created because of saving a file in multiple locations. Apart from that, due to repeated downloading of text files, creation of back up etc. are also very significant reasons behind creation of duplicate documents. These duplicate files are scattered in different location over the computer and waste a large amount of storage space. Presence of a large amount of duplicate data can decrease your system performance also. Therefore, if you are suffering with slow system or requiring more space in your computer hard disk, you need to delete duplicate text files or any other type of files. Then, you must try to remove entire duplicate data without leaving any trace. But, to perform this operation, you have to employ an efficient file remover application like Remo MORE.

Though there are several tool to remove duplicate data, most of them fails to find all secondary copy of different type of file. In such case, you need a powerful program to scan complete hard drive to locate the unnecessary copy of files. Remo MORE is an expert recommended file remover tool that can find all duplicate copy easily and it will give you the complete information about how much space you can save after deletion of those files. Through cleaning of these files, you can fix different problems in your system.

If your system is cluttered with same file in different location, it may be difficult to find the original information. To remove the secondary copy of a file if you try to find them manually, it will be quiet tough and you may not be able to find all duplicate copies. To solve this issue, Remo MORE program will be appropriate program that can find all those secondary copy easily. Using this software, you can erase all types of unnecessary data like text file, images, video, music, presentation, archive files etc. After deletion of huge amount of duplicate data, performance of the computer will increase significantly. Then, it does not take too much time to find any file on hard disk or to launch any application in computer. Even, if your computer takes more time for booting, deletion of duplicate file can be effective for it.

Removal of identical information not only improves system performance, it also frees the memory space of your computer hard disk. Remo MORE software is designed with an efficient scanning algorithm to provide better result in deletion operation. It offers different awesome features to delete duplicate text files depending on the name, size and content. You can perform this operation in a selected folder or a complete drive in computer. It will provide an option to select the folders that you want to delete. You can schedule the whole operation so that it can be performed automatically. It is designed with simple user interface to make it usable by novice users also.

Steps to Delete Duplicate Text Files

  1. Install Remo MORE application on your system and launch it. Now, select "Optimize" option from the main window and and click on "Remove Duplicates" from next screen as shown in Figure 1.
  2. Now, from next screen, select the "Find Duplicate Folder" to search duplicate text files as shown in the Figure 2.
  3. Now, select "Add Folder" option to locate the folder on your device in which you want to find duplicate text files as shown in Figure 3 and then click on Proceed button.
  4. Select type of files that you want to search in particular folder Now, click on "Scan" option to initiate scaning operation as shown in Figure 4.
  5. After the scanning operation is finished, software will show a list of duplicates text files. Select all text files and click on Ddelete Permanently option as shown in the Figure 5.

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