Delete Files on Windows XP

I was using desktop machine with Windows XP since two years. Now I want to buy new laptop by selling desktop. But, I had stored lots of office confidential files including my personal files on it. If I sell it off to third party then there are chances of stealing my data. So please anyone can suggest me a solution to delete files beyond recovery.

Don’t worry!!! Remo File Eraser tool is the best solution for your problem

Because, Remo File Eraser tool is specially designed for deleting files stored on Windows XP machine and it don’t leaves any clues to trace deleted data beyond recovery. In addition, it is free of cost tool, which uses low-level shredding patterns to wipe files from hard drive, memory card, iPod and other storage devices permanently.

Shredding Patterns offered by this tool are

  • Fast Zero Overwrite
  • Random Overwrite
  • DOD 5200.28.M (US Dept. of Defence Standard)

Software Features

  • Erases files and folders permanently from hard drive, memory card and other storage devices
  • Wipes free space available in hard disk using “wipe free disk space” option
  • Provides option to schedule erase files and folders as per user requirement
  • Saves valuable time and system resource by shredding files quickly
  • Allows you to shred particular file and folders from logical partition
  • Erases files stored on Recycle Bin

Other advantages of using Remo File Eraser

  • Provides 24*7 hours of free tech support via email and chat application to assist you
  • Friendly user graphical interface that enables user to operate tool easily
  • Provides cent percent guarantee of deleting files beyond recovery

Note: Backup of valuable data prior to erasing any files and folders from system because, once file erased completely using this tool then it is not possible to get those files back. In addition, Remo File Eraser tool also erases files and folders from other versions of Windows such as Windows 2003, Windows 2007, Windows 2008, Windows 2000, etc.

Steps involved in erasing files using Remo File Eraser

  • Download Remo File Eraser free version tool from Remo official website and install on your system successfully
  • Launch the software by double clicking on shortcut created on desktop
  • Once tool starts welcome screen displays that consists of major options
  • You click on “Erase Files and Folders” option Figure 1
  • Next add files and folders that you want erase completely Figure 3
  • Next select any wiping method to erase files and click “Proceed” Figure 4
  • Pops up a message “Wiping process completed” after erasing process completes

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