Smart Tool to Delete History Permanently

Every day we carry out numerous activities on Internet. Each action has been stored in the browser in form of search history, cookies, Cache, temporary internet files etc. Sometimes, that information is very useful to revisit the sites easily, but they are also harmful for security purpose. It will be safe to remove unwanted traces of online activities and be safe about your internet privacy after accessing some security website such as online banking websites etc. Internet history shown in any browser’s option is not only the list of sites, it is one of the places where you can view search history. There are multiple records of search history stored in different location in your computer. Therefore, if you remove history through browser, only references are deleted but real information is still present in computer drive. If you want to delete history forever, you have to employ a third party application that wipes entire information completely.

Browser history that you are seeing in history tab in the browser is actually saved in “index.dat” file hidden in the system. It is just like a database that stores search history, Internet Cache, Cookies etc. It is very difficult to find and you cannot delete that file because it is designed as a system file. Therefore, if you delete history from browser, still there is an option to retrieve that information. In that case, you need a powerful internet history cleaner to delete history forever. Using this Remo Optimizer application, you can destroy all information from browser efficiently. Multiple histories can be deleted by this application including:

Browser History: It keeps the details of every website that you have ever visited. One can access this information easily from the browser and can view them with date and time of access. If you delete those history from the browser, it will not show those history, but a nosy user can recover them from index.dat file on disk.

Cache History: Cache is very useful to reload visited site quickly as it stores different Webpage data like pictures, online videos, text etc. These information are saved into your hard drive and anyone can see what pictures you have seen, where you have been online, which videos you have watched!

Search History: Using this feature browser saves anything that you have typed in the webpage, may be your email id, password, credit card number etc. Therefore, it is very important and confidential. To delete this history forever, Remo Optimizer application will be best option.

Other History: Employing this utility, you can also remove file search history, Windows Explorer history, Media Player history etc. If you have downloaded any file from internet, browser keeps information about that file also. You can remove all such history using this single tool at one go.

You can remove all history manually on every browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. But, for absolute security you should use this Remo Optimizer software to delete history forever. It does not need any professional experience and can perform this cleaning operation automatically if you scheduled it.

Simple steps to Delete History Forever:

  1. Download this efficient software and install in your computer to renove search history forever. Then, launch it and as soon as you run the software, it will start scanning. If you don't want to scan your system, you can skip this step.
  2. Now, click on Tools button and select "Privacy Cleaner" button as shown in Figure 1
  3. Now select “Clean Browser Junk” option to delete internet history forever as shown in the Figure 2
  4. Then choose browser that you are using and click "Scan" option to start scanning operation as shown in Figure 3
  5. After scanning, software shows history items that need to be deleted. Click on "Clean" option to delete internet history forever as shown in Figure 4

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