How to Delete Internet History in Windows 8?

Whenever you are surfing internet on your Windows 8 computer, all information about the websites you visited are stored. Besides tracking of URLs, it also keeps other information like username, password that you provided in that webpage. After a long time, a huge amount of search history is stored in the browser and it can slow down internet speed on system. In addition to this problem, tracking of browsing history allows any user to revisit those sites easily. If you want to address this problem instantly, you should delete internet history in Windows 8 computer. In every browser, there is an option to remove all history manually. To take care of private information each time you should erase all history through this option before log off your computer. Deleting browsing history can save you from various troubles later on.

See how deletion of internet history can benefit you:

Increase Internet Speed: If your browser is populated with a large amount of different history like address bar history, download history, internet cache and cookies, browser performance on Windows 8 system will be reduced significantly. In such case, you can improve internet speed if you delete internet history in Windows 8.

Renew Pages: If you not remove browsing history and cache, if you revisit any website, the latest version of this page is not shown. Browser shows the previous version of that webpage saved in cache. Therefore, you should delete internet history in Windows 8 to renew pages that you want to view.

Secure Private Information: If you want to prevent any nosy people from seeing see your browsing information, removal of search history will really be helpful. After that, if any one type some letter in the address bar, it will not suggest any site automatically.

There several online browsers used by Windows 8 user and each of those browsers has own procedure to delete internet history in Windows 8 system. Some of popular web-browser is Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc. If you are using Internet Explorer, simply click on Setting button on the top and select Internet Options. In General tab click on "delete files" button and select history data, then click “Delete”. Similarly, for Chrome user: select ‘Customize and Control’ button and click on ‘History’ after that, hit on ‘Clear browsing data’ button and then you will get an option to choose what type of history you want to delete. Finally, remove selected information easily.

If you do not want to follow different procedure to delete internet history on Windows 8 computer, you have to employ Remo Optimizer application that makes this operation easier. Using this tool, do not need to know exact way to remove browsing history for different user. You can select all browsers in your Windows 8 computer at a time and delete all history in a simple click. It is designed with easy user interface and has the capability to remove all history, cache, cookies from browser automatically.

Simple Steps to Delete Internet History in Windows 8:

  1. Download this efficient application from internet and install it in your Windows 8 computer. Then, run this software and choose Tools option from the main window. Later, click on "Privacy Cleaner" option as indicated in Figure 1
  2. Now click on “Clean Browser Junk” option to delete internet history as shown in the Figure 2
  3. Now select browser and click "Scan" option to initiate scanning process as shown in Figure 3
  4. At last, software displays internet history that need to be cleared from browsers. Click on "Clean" button to erase internet history as shown in Figure 4

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