How to delete temporary internet files?

Do you want to get rid of temporary internet files that are consuming a lot of your disk space? Facing slow internet problems just because of these temporary internet files? Then delete them off without putting any effort with the aid of a highly developed tool such as Remo MORE. Whenever you download any web page of the form HTML or JavaScript scripts from the internet these pages get stored on the Cache as temporary internet files. These temporary internet files prove to be bad as they consume a lot of hard drive space. Not only this but they slow down the system speed as well. This adversely affects the PC performance, which is certainly not desired. As we keep on downloading more and more number of internet files the hard disk space keeps reducing and this makes the computer slow. Therefore, it becomes essential to delete temporary internet files from the personal computer.

These are also a potential privacy threat. Therefore, it is recommended to delete these files once in a while. Some Windows users try certain simple techniques to delete off temporary internet files from their machine. Based on the browser that these users have on their system, some steps are carried out by these users. If a user has installed internet explorer or internet explorer 8 on his Windows machine then he will attempt the steps, which are as follows

  • First he will open the internet explorer and then he will click on “Tools” menu
  • Then he will hit on the “Delete Browsing History” option
  • After doing this he will tick the temporary internet files checkbox
  • Finally he shall delete all the temporary internet files from the computer

This is pertaining to a Windows user who has installed internet explorer on his machine. When it comes to the deletion of temporary internet files from a computer, which has Mozilla Firefox as the browser on it the following steps are carried out:

  • The Firefox is opened and the Tools option is selected
  • A click on clear recent history is suggested after the previous step
  • “Everything” is chosen in the time range section. Then “details” and “cache” options are chosen one after the other
  • After this “Clear Now” button is tapped

Like these, there are many other ways of deleting temporary internet files but all these take up some or a lot of your precious time. But Remo MORE is such a product which will carry out deletion of the internet files in just a very short span of time. It will work well on almost all the latest versions of Windows, which include even Windows 8. Not only Windows but it also supports Lion 10.7 and Mountain Lion 10.8, which fall under latest Mac versions category.

Steps to delete temporary internet files:

  1. Download and install Remo MORE application on your computer. Launch it and select "Optimize" option from main window. From the next screen select "Privacy Cleaner" option as shown in Figure 1.
  2. Now, here you have to click on "Clean Browser Junk" option as shown in Figure 2.
  3. Software will display a list of temporary internet files. Mark all files and click on "Scan" button as shown in Figure 3.
  4. After the scanning process is over, software shows the information about temp files that need to be erased from different browsers. Select browser and click on "Clean" option to delete temperory internet files as illustrated in Figure 4.
  5. As file cleaning process is completed, you will get the list of the cleaned temp files.

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