Retrieve Deleted MOV Video Files

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Have you deleted your important MOV videos from your system? And now looking for the solution to get back those video files? You can easily recover deleted MOV files by using some superior file recovery software. After reading this you may be thinking how deleted videos can be recovered right? Read this page to know the process of mov file recovery, reasons that causes mov file deletion and safety tips.

How deleted video recovery is possible?

Many users live in misconception that once the file is deleted from the computer system then it is lost forever. Are you one of them? Then the truth is, deleted files are not permanently erased from the system. It is still present in the system memory area but users can't see them. This means only address details of those files are removed from the File Allocation Table which indicates free space in the system memory. You should keep one thing in mind that to achieve complete file recovery; user should avoid saving new files in the system after deletion action. Similarly, deleted movie files can be restored from your system easily. Hence to recover MOV file, you need some good and secure file recovery software like Remo Recover tool.

Remo Recover Software:

Remo Recover utility has strong and robust algorithms which will easily identify and rescue deleted MOV videos within fraction of minutes. It can easily recover deleted and lost MOV files from partition or drive with HFS, FAT and NTFS File Systems with great ease. MOV video files that are emptied from Recycle Bin or Mac Trash and videos deleted using Shift Delete combination keys can also be retrieved without any complications. In addition, the tool even has the capability to recover videos from GoPro, Sony, Samsung, Olympus, Lumix and other camera brands.

This software can easily recover MOV file that are created by various popular brands of camera and camcorder. Apart from this, it can also restore MOV files that are deleted or lost from external storage disk like memory cards, SD cards, USB drive, external hard drive and so on. This software application is compatible enough to even recover photos after formatting Windows and Mac

Unique Features:

  • Recover files on the basis of its unique signature
  • One can sort restored files depending upon file name, size and file type
  • User can view retrieved files using "Preview" option
  • "Save Recovery Session" option can be used to avoid re-scanning process
  • Restored files can be stored in any storage area (Avoid saving files in the location from where it was lost or deleted)
  • One can ZIP compress recovered files and save

Scenarios that leads to deletion of MOV videos:

  • It is possible that you may empty Recycle Bin of Windows or Trash of Mac system without checking its content stored in it. If your important MOV files are stored in it then it may lead to data loss situation from the system.
  • User may accidentally delete few valuable MOV files along with unused files from the external drive.
  • Sometime, user may use combination keys like shift delete or command prompt option to delete files from the system. If user erases some files including movie files then it may skip Recycle Bin folder which leads to severe loss of data.

Safety Measures::

  • Avoid storing new data in the system after deletion of MOV files
  • Do cross verify files stored in Recycle Bin or Trash folder before emptying it.
  • If you are erasing files from external drive then be careful as deleted files will bypass Recycle Bin or Trash folder.
  • Keep extra copy of your favorite MOV file in external storage drives.

Procedure to perform Deleted MOV File Recovery using Remo Recover (Windows/Mac):

  • Download and launch demo version of Remo Recover (Windows) in your computer system. (Mac users install Remo Recover (Mac))
  • Select "Recover Photos"" from the main screen and then select "Recover Deleted Photos" option to proceed
  • Next screen will display the list of available drives/partitions or external devices, select the drive from which you wanyt to recover deleted videos
  • Scanning process will take place and all recovered video files will be displayed
  • Before saving user can cross verify recovered files

Note- If you want to repair movie files like MOV and MP4, then use Remo MOV Repair tool. It fixes corrupted and broken MOV and MP4 file.

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