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Dell Inspiron N5010 Data Recovery

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I am using a Dell Inspiron N5010 for more than a year. Due to back and forth working, the hard disk shows “chkdsk” error and corrupted my Windows 7 operating system. Now all my data inside the logical drive is gone and I cannot access the other partitions too. I tried to use Windows restore session, but it is of no use. Anyhow, I can reinstall the operating system, but how to perform lost data recovery at the earnest.

Dell Inspiron N5010 makes use of a normal hard drive for data storage. These hard drives are very sensitive to power fluctuations and malfunctions. At the time of Dell Inspiron N5010 booting, the BIOS will scan every hard drive partition. At the time of scanning, if the scanner program finds something unusual or if the hard drive volume does not provide any support to the scanner, then the chkdsk error occurs. Even if the scanning program fails while traversing the secondary drive, it results in OS corruption. However, the data inside the Dell Inspiron N5010 hard drives can be recovered back easily using Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) software.

On formatting Dell Inspiron N5010 hard drive the old file system and the index pointers pointing to the actual data inside the hard drive will be cleared and the links between the actual data hash tables and index pointers are broken as well. If a well-designed recovery utility like Remo Recover Windows is used then it is easier to restore data from formatted Dell Inspiron N5010 hard drive. This tool can even perform data recover after multiple format effortlessly.

Similar to these conditions there are situations where you may be taken away from your most needed data from Dell Inspiron N5010. A few of them are:

  • Unintentionally deleted files that later bypassed the recycle bin
  • Many times essential data are erased in large volumes from formatted, reformatted, partitioned, operating system reinstalled and repartitioned hard drives
  • Dell Inspiron N5010 hard drive initiation failure due to corruption in file system

Perfect solution:

Even though these situations look weird overall, they can be solved technically with some guidance and by using Remo Recover (Windows / Mac). There arises a question here “Why should I use Remo Recover (Windows / Mac)?” the answer to this question lies below.

  • Remo Recover Windows is one of the powerful utility used widely to restore all kind of file formats from Dell Inspiron N5010 corrupted hard drive.
  • Remo Recover Windows can retrieve all file formats from both traditional hard drive and Solid State Drive without trouble.
  • Remo Recover Windows can recover data from missing partition without any trouble
  • Remo Recover Windows is a legible utility, which does not harm the remaining available data in the Dell Inspiron N5010 hard drive.
  • Even if the Dell Inspiron N5010 operating system is corrupted, the user can connect the corrupted HDD with another PC as a secondary drive, where the Remo Recover Windows software is installed and can restore all the data from the corrupted Dell Inspiron N5010 HDD.

Steps to solve:

  • Download demo version of Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) edition
  • After successful download of the software, install it in your Windows PC
  • Now connect the Dell Inspiron N5010 corrupted hard drive to the PC with Remo Recover (Windows / Mac)
  • Open the software and select “partition recovery” as shown in Figure 1
  • In the next upcoming window, choose the drive that holds the corrupted partition as in Figure 2
  • Now the tool will scan the hard drive for available partitions in that hard drive as illustrated in Figure 3
  • Choose the hard drive partition that has your data and click “Next” check in Figure 1
  • Now select the file types and click on “Next” as shown Figure 5
  • All the erased files of the requested file formats are restored and displayed in the from of checklist.Figure 6
  • Tick the needed data and save the session like in Figure 7
  • If the recovery process is fulfilled, purchase the software and start extracting the recovered data from the saved sessions.

Safety measures:

Do not wipe or defragment the hard drive until the recovery process is done. Because on defragmentation and drive wipe process the internal structure of the memory will be rearranged where the data will be lost forever.  

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