How to Restore Dell Laptop

Recover files from Dell laptop using Remo Recover tool!! Whether your dell laptop HDD is corrupted or formatted, Remo Recover comes in handy for recovering data from your Dell laptops in a fast and secure manner!! Files from various versions of Dell laptop such as Dell Inspiron, Dell XPS, Dell Studio, Dell Vostro, Dell Latitude, etc., can be recovered quickly. Download Now

Sudden loss of crucial data from your Dell laptop may really frighten you, as you would have saved those files for years. The possible reasons for data loss could be formatting, corruption, HDD crash or some other disastrous reasons. When you encounter any such data loss scenarios, the immediate action required from your side should be to stop using the laptop and perform data recovery. Remo Recover software will help you in this regard to do Dell laptop recovery.

Simple Solution to Recover Dell Laptop!

Remo Hard Drive Recovery software has easy to use interface which acts as a helping hand to retrieve the files from your Dell laptop in a simple way without any assistance. The software deep scans entire Dell laptop to find and retrieve data from it in few clicks. Remo Hard Drive Recovery software helps to get back files from corrupted, formatted, crashed and inaccessible Dell laptop hard disk. Moreover, it recovers data from Dell Inspiron N5010, Dell Studio, Dell Vostro, Dell Latitude, Dell XPS, etc.

It can also be used to recover data from unbootable Dell laptop hard drive. Even, you can use this tool to recover FAT, NTFS, exFAT and HFS partitions/drives of Dell laptops. Repartitioned and reformatted laptop hard drives can also be recovered easily. Additionally, the tool restores deleted partition lost or corrupted partition from Dell laptop within few steps.

Tutorial to Perform Dell Laptop Recovery in Few Simple Steps

Download Remo Recover software and install it on your Dell laptop. Next, launch the application and select "Recover Partitions / Drives" option from the main interface. Then, choose either "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery" or "Partition Recovery" based on the data loss scenario. Now, select the drive from which you want to get back your files and click "Next" button to start the scanning process. After completion of the scanning process, a list of recovered files will be displayed. You can view the files using "File Type View" or "Data View" option and Preview required files. In the end, save the required files to your desired destination.

Other Beneficial Features of Remo Recover:

  • The entire recovered data can be sorted based on their file name, type and size
  • You can get a particular file among the vast recovered results using "Find" option
  • The inbuilt "Save Recovery Session" option helps you to pause and resume the recovery process at any desired time
  • It even allows you to evaluate the recovered files prior to restoration using "Preview" option

Remo Recover Tool Will Also-

  • Performs file recovery from portable hard drive, memory cards, pen drives, iPod, FireWire drives, etc.
  • Provides easy method to recover data from formatted and deleted RAID (RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5) arrays
  • Creates disk images to bypass hard drive bad sectors, so that you can restore your files easily from these images
  • Supports data recovery from Toshiba hard drives as well as Maxtor, Seagate, Lexar, Dell, Buffalo, and other popular brands of hard drives

Other Causes for Data Loss from Dell Laptop:

  • File Deletion - You might have deleted the files using command prompt or Shift + Del option or emptied the Recycle Bin in a hurry which results in file loss
  • Abnormal Termination of System - While doing some important process like saving or editing a file, abrupt termination of system occurs which causes the data loss
  • Transfer Errors- If interruption occurs while transferring files from one device to another, then there is a chance of file loss

Data loss scenarios in Dell laptops may happen quite often and it can be easily handled using Remo Recover software. It has lots of advanced features which makes it a desirable software for a user. The self-descriptive nature of the software helps to get through the process in an easy way.

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