Why my Dell laptop running slow?

Dell is among the leading laptop manufacturers brand, which builds laptops for both personal and professional use. These laptops are super-fast and very efficient. However many users complain that their Dell laptop running very slow after few months of purchase and get very much frustrated. Imagine a single file copying or transferring process taking hours to complete, Isn’t that frustrating? Well, there is no need to worry. As your Dell laptop gets older, it is bound to slow down. However if your Dell laptop has slowed down all of a sudden, then just go through this page and find out on how to overcome this problem.

There are many reasons which are responsible for your Dell laptop to slow down. Some of the most common reasons include background programs, deadly virus or malware infection on your Dell laptop, presence of system and internet temporary files, unnecessary and unwanted installed programs, incomplete or improper registry values and clutters, fragmented files on hard drive, accumulation of junk files such as browsing history, cookies, log files and many others.


You can overcome the problem by following few inbuilt options present in your Dell laptop like you can clear your browsing history, cookies, log files, download history etc by opening your internet browser and clearing the same. You can also stop the background programs running on your Dell laptop by going to "msconfig.exe" option using "Run" console and unchecking all the programs that you no longer want to use. In addition you can make use powerful antivirus software to clear deadly viruses / malwares present in your Dell laptop.

However all the above stated techniques is time consuming and tiresome, hence it is recommended to make use of an automated software "Remo Optimizer" to optimize your slow running Dell laptop. This utility is especially build to transform your slow running laptop into a faster one.

Brief explanation of the software:

Remo Optimizer is a wonderful utility which helps users in this kind of situations, the tool provides many advanced features using which you can increase your Dell laptop speed effectively. The software cleansup all junk files like temporary files, registry issues, file assocuationerrs, cookies, log files and many others. When your Dell laptop booting is slow, then you can remove some items from startup in simple steps to boost the booting speed dell laptops. Some of the features of Remo optimizer includes:

  • Thoruoghly scans your Dell laptop drive to indentify the issues that slow down your Dell laptop and fixes them
  • Lets your defrag your hard drive to boost file acess speed and manages system memory
  • Automatically scans drive and fixes the issues regularly as per the scheduled time and date
  • Designed with easy-to-use GUI, that makes the speedifying process quicker even for those with no technical skills

Other benefits of Remo Optimizer

  • The software is compatible to run on all Windows operating system
  • You can easily install and make use of the software, as it has very friendly user interface
  • Helps you to overcome slow running desktop computer as well
  • Provides 24 / 7 tech support to all its users on all days of the week

Things to Remember:

  • Avoid adding new files to computer after its storage capacity is full
  • Defragment your Dell laptop hard disk on a daily or weekly basis
  • Uninstall unwanted applications from your Dell laptop computer
  • Regularly scan and remove system and internet temporary files

Learn how to improve laptop performance using MORE:

  1. Download and install Remo Optimizer software in your Dell latop and launch it. After launching the software starts scanning for the issues and lists them all figure 1
  2. You can select the ones you need to clean and click on Fix Issues figure 2.
  3. Now the software will start fixing the issues after compeletion, you will get a confirmation mesagefigure 3.
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