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  • Safely detects & updates all drivers to latest versions
  • Keep devices working as they should
  • Prevent hardware malfunction
  • Boost hardware performance
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How to identify the drivers that need to be fixed?

“Recently I reinstalled my Windows OS. But now I am receiving errors to update the drivers. I am not aware of what drivers are installed on my PC and don’t even know how I can update them. How can I detect drivers on my PC? What are the drivers that are to be installed and updated etc.? I am confused, can anyone help me out. Thank you”

In case you are in such situation and worried about your drivers, then stop thinking and here you will find solution for all your driver issues. The only tool that will help you is Remo Driver Discover. This utility is specially designed for these kinds of situations wherein you want to detect and identify your drivers.

Know how Remo Driver Discover can help you...

Remo Driver Discover works exceptionally well in such situations and aids you in detecting all the drivers present on your PC. The utility scans your entire hard drive repeatedly and locates drivers along with their versions and other details. In case if there are any outdated drivers, corrupt drivers or even if any of the drivers are missing, this application will list all these specifically and helps you clear all your confusions and assists you to fix all of them.

Not just detecting, Remo Driver Discover can even download and update drivers. Here are more details about the tool:

  • Allows you to easily download and install all the drivers of their latest version in just a single mouse click
  • Has a huge database of all drivers of all available manufacturers that facilitates you to easily download any driver
  • Acts as a multi-purpose tool by assisting you to fix the corrupt driver, locate and install the missing drivers, reinstall all lost drivers etc.
  • Additionally, supports you to back up all the drivers and restores them when needed

With the features in hand, the application is the one-stop solution for all your driver related problems. If you are stuck in any of the driver related problems, just make use of the Remo Driver Discover software.

Circumstances, wherein Remo Driver Discover is useful

Sometimes, your operating system throws error messages while accessing your devices like printers, scanner, mouse, USB devices, camera, etc. This could be because; the drivers for these devices are either inaccessible or missing. Also, when you are reinstalling your operating system, formatting or re-partitioning your hard drive some or all your drivers might get corrupt and cause inaccessibility of the concerned devices.

Most commonly encountered situation is where you have many drivers and unable to identify what drivers to update and what not. Also when you need numerous drivers and can’t waste time searching each driver individually and download them. In all these instances, Remo Driver Discover comes in handy and provides a single interface to download and update all the drivers in just a single click.

Instructions to detect and install drivers

  • Install and launch the application
  • Select “Start Scan” option to initiate the scanning process to detect all the drivers on your PC
  • Once the scanning process is complete, you can view the list of all the drivers that are outdated or need to be fixed
  • If you wish to fix them all, just hit on the “Register” tab provided
  • Now all your drivers will be downloaded and issues will be fixed in minutes

Compatible OS versions: Windows Server 2003 & 2008, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1, Windows 10 and many more

Supported Drivers: Display drivers, motherboard drivers, laptop driver, PC drivers, Webcam drivers, Printer drivers, Scanner driver, Network drivers, DVD drivers, bluetooth driver, etc.

Driver brands: AMD, Dell, Intel, Sony, Samsung, Acer, LG, HP, HTC, Canon, ATI, Realtek and others...

Remo Driver Discover is the best because it...

  • Provides fastest driver download
  • With single click all drivers can be downloaded
  • Comes with in-built scheduler to plan automatic scan and back-up
  • Increases PC performance
  • Automatically gets updated itself as and when new versions are available
  • Is free from all kinds of threats and infections

The entire process i.e. scanning the hard drive, detecting, downloading, installing, updating / fixing the drivers etc. will take a couple of minutes. What else you need, it’s not just the best but also an All-in-one tool.

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