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"A driver (service) for this device has been disabled. An alternate driver may be providing this functionality. (Code 32)"

Many of you might have been encountered such error right. This is the message that is shown when the device manager error with the code 32 is shown most of the time. You might encounter this error during first and second boots after Windows Setup copies all the files. Sometimes even when you are accessing the drive you might receive such errors. This type of error occurs when the start type of the drivers is set to “disable” condition in the registry. Due to this, the OS will not be able to install the device as will not be able to access the Network drive. This results in incomplete installation. Hence, you will not be able to even access your drivers.

How to resolve this error?

Whenever you encounter such error messages, don’t get tensed, just follow the below explained tips:

  • First, restart the computer and check out
  • If this doesn’t work, then undo all the recent changes done to the systems. If you have installed any new utilities or added new files, remove all of them and restart your PC
  • If this fails then just uninstall the drivers from Device Manager, and then scan for new hardware to install the driver again (reinstall) or update all your drivers to its latest version

First two ways are simple and can be done manually. What about the third procedure, in any case the first two of them fails then, what will you achieve this? In order to fix the error code 32 you will have to identify the corrupt and outdated ones and either reinstall or update them. So what can be done now?  Without updating or reinstalling the drivers you cannot fix the error.  Don’t worry; there is a solution for all these errors. With the help of Remo Driver Discover you can easily fix the Device Manager Error code 32, with in few clicks.

How can Remo Driver Discover fix the error?

Remo Driver Discover can easily fix the device manager error by updating and installing the drivers to its latest version. The tool scans the entire system to check out all the hard ware devices and drivers. If any outdated or corrupt drivers are identified, then the tool will update them to their latest version. Moreover, even when the drivers are missing the utility will come in handy to download the drivers. It can be any driver, like printer driver, display driver, scanner driver, CD – ROM driver, Mainboard Driver or any driver and of any brand like Acer, Toshiba, Dell, Sony, Intel, HP, etc. the tool can still be used to fix the error. This is because; it has been designed with huge data base of many drivers of various brands in order to fix drivers of all varieties.

Instructions for fixing the error

  • Download the Remo driver Discover tool and install it on your Windows systems
  • Once you run the software, a main screen appears
  • Select the option “Start Scan” and the software starts scanning your system
  • After completion, you will receive a screen with the list of outdated drivers
  • Now, click on the option “Register” that is present on the same screen, if you wish to update and install the driver
  • Once the drivers are updated you can restart the system and now you should not see any errors


With the help of the Remo driver Discover one can easily manage their drivers. The tool helps you in updating your drivers to the latest version and reinstalling them if they are corrupt. This eliminates all the errors related to drivers. Thus, Remo Driver Discover plays a vital role in fixing the Device Manager errors also.