Repair digital video files (MOV)

Easily repair your corrupt or damaged MOV video files using Remo Repair MOV tool. All you have to do is select a corrupt video file and click on Repair. Your MOV file will be repaired in only a few minutes.

Corruption in MOV files

Videos are the most consumed type of content in today’s world. With more and more people viewing and creating videos, there is also a subsequent increase in these users encountering issues while using them. Issues faced are nothing but a result of corruption in these video files. You may see symptoms such as blurry or pixelated videos, audio missing, video missing or unsynchronized playback.

In this section, our focus is on MOV video files that are a format used in Apple’s QuickTime Player. Although it was initially supported only by Apple, it is now compatible with Windows as well.

Now that we’ve understood the symptoms of corruption, let us look into the most common reasons of corruption in MOV files.

Round tripping: Converting a video from one format to another can disturb the structure of the file and result in corruption issues.

Interruptions during transfer: We normally transfer files to and from a storage device for accessibility or storage purposes. But if the transfer is interrupted due to a power loss or by ejecting the device, files will be partially written and can result in corruption issues.

Incompatibility: Forcibly trying to play a video using an incompatible player can change the structure of the video file and result in corruption.

As a result of using data recovery tools: Sometimes, you may have used data recovery tools to recover deleted or lost files. In such cases, you may end up in a corrupted or damaged video if the recovery is not thorough or if you use unreliable recovery tools.

Besides these reasons, there are other common reasons such as virus attacks or bad sectors in the area where these files are stored that result in corruption issues.

Repair MOV files using Remo Repair MOV

As we’ve seen, corruption issues can cause problems and prevent videos from playing smoothly. In order to resolve this problem and play the video file smoothly, these issues can be addressed with tools such as Remo Repair MOV. This MOv repair tool is advanced digital video repair tool that can be used to repair all kinds of issues such as header corruption, audio video sync issues, fix blurry videos etc. If your file is playing only audio or only video, even such issues can be fixed using the tool.

Additional features of Remo Repair MOV

  • Ability to repair MP4 videos in addition to MOV files with support for the following codecs
  • • Video codecs: mjpeg, avc1, mp4v

    • Audio codecs: sowt, RAW, mp4a

  • Can repair video files that are recorded on GoPro cameras, iPhones and other cameras
  • Free preview of repaired files
  • Works with all the latest versions of Windows and Mac operating systems

  • Steps to repair MOV files using Remo Repair MOV

    Repairing video files cannot get simpler than using Remo Repair MOV. The only thing you need to have is a healthy MOV file that will be used a reference to repair the corrupted file. Once you have that set, download and install Remo Repair MOV software on your system and proceed with the following steps.

    Step 1. Double click on the downloaded .exe file and start the application

    Step 2. In the main window, click on the button that says ‘Healthy file’ and choose the healthy MOV file

    Step 3. Next click on the button that says ‘Corrupted file’ and choose the corrupted MOV file to repair

    Step 4. Then click on Repair to begin the repair process

    Step 5. At this stage, you are given an opportunity to Preview the file

    Step 6. As a final step, save the repaired MOV to a desired location

    Points to remember

    As a precautionary measure in order to avoid corruption in video files, make sure to keep these things in mind when you use video files.

    • Don’t convert from one file format to another unless you have no other means
    • Use only reliable data recovery tools to recover video files if you have experienced data loss
    • Make sure that the transfer is complete and safely eject the storage device prior to removing it
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