Duplicate File Eraser

Do you have more number of duplicate files in your system? Are you running out of memory space due to accumulation of duplicate files? Have you fed up with searching and deleting duplicate files in your system?

Deletion of duplicate files in a system hard disk involves only few steps. You have to traverse file by file and have to identify them with name. However, finding a duplicate file in folder is not complex process but searching duplicate files from hard disk is complexity since user might try with traversing each folder available in hard disk. In addition, if you have duplicate files in more number then it is a hectic job to user to find and deleting them. Hence, it is better to get assistance from third party application like Remo MORE that is one of the efficient and robust software to find and delete all type of duplicate files from hard disk. It saves your hard disk space by efficiently deleting all available duplicate files from your system meanwhile increases your system’s performance.

Normally, duplicate files do not create automatically on system but they will create by user only who is genrally using system. Consider a situation, you have already stored a file name called xyz.mp4 video file in a drive D. You are very fond to see video songs then you collect them for your friend and transferred to system using USB device. Among transferred videos, same file named xyz.mp4 will transfer to F drive which is having 1 GB memory. Storing same file in different location in hard disk is a waste of hard disk memory. Similarly, storing same files in different location in huge number makes you to run out of memory space when you require to store some information on it.

Impact of storing duplicate files in hard disk

Keeping more number of duplicate files in hard disk might confuse you to find the right file when you need a file urgently. In addition, they decrease system’s startup speed if disk is almost full with data. You system can take more time to open any application due to accumulation of several duplicate files. Suppose if you are intend to find a specific file named abc.txt, but you do not know exact location of it then you will start searching by giving file name in search bar but it takes more time traverse hard disk if you have similar files in system.

Then, which is the easiest way to delete duplicate files?

Remo MORE is an appropriate application which traverse your hard disk memory and finds all duplicate files on basis of extension and file name and prompts user to delete them. Moreover, increase your system performance gradually by deleting all duplicate files and saves most of precious hard disk memory too.

Why is Remo MORE suite required?

Remo MORE suite is available free of cost and supports various platforms such as Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and blackberry. It is designed in a user-friendly manner, which makes all users to navigate the application easily. You can easily find and delete duplicate documents, video, audio, images and compressed files etc using this application. Moreover, it is read only application hence do not damage your system and provides free technical support via email and live chat services at any time.

Additional advantage: This application locates and removes duplicate files from hard disk, memory card, USB devices, iPad, iPod, external hard disk and other storage devices etc.

Why Choose Remo?