Is your Android phone battery draining fast? Enhance it's life!

Android phones are enabled with many powerful and advanced features that lets user to be active with the phone continuously. The more you use your smartphone faster the battery power is going to be drained. However you can limit your needs and activities on Android phone but put some efforts to avoid battery draining fast. While using Android smartphone often users do many mistakes and unknowingly let their phone battery to be sucked up. There are a number of things that you need to do regarding phone settings in order to make better use of battery power:

  • Do you have set your phone in vibration mode? Every time when it rings and vibrates, little amount of battery power is consumed. So activate vibration mode only when you really need it. In your Android phone, check whether haptic feedback option is check marked or not. If marked, uncheck it, since it gives a slight vibration whenever keys are pressed.
  • You might have installed many apps with active notifications. These notifications are messages that automatically pop up when something has happened in background. For this, network connection should be there. However, you have to turn notifications off unless you really need them.
  • There might be few apps running in background such as Email applications, WhatsApp, Weather Services, Facebook, twitter etc. Similarly, disable GPS location feature, WI-Fi, Screen Brightness, Bluetooth etc to avoid draining of battery life.
  • You can avoid animated wallpapers and screen savers to stop unusual consumption of battery.
  • You can adjust backlight in your phone display to keep it not much bright.
  • If you have installed apps like Clean master and Task killer avoid them to be activated continuously.
  • Keep your phone in power saving mode.
  • You can reduce the time that is set to make screen dimming or timing out. By reducing screen time out, you can save battery power.

Apart from above customizations there are lot of things to do with your Android phone settings when you are really experiencing battery issues. If you are free and have much time to check for various issues causing fast consumption of phone battery then it okay but if you are a smart user and want the smartest solution to deal with this issue, it better to go with a third party Android phone power booster.

Remo MORE is an extreme utility that is designed with smart technology to identify and resolve different issues responsible for fast draining of battery. With advanced Power Manager option, you can customize and schedule power plans in your Android phone based on your requirement. This tool is available for free and supports all major versions of Android phones from various brands such as Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC and many others.

Steps to enhance battery life in Android phone:

Step 1: Install this app on your Android phone and click on “Manage” option from the home screen as shown in Figure 1

Step 2: Now select "Power Manager" option to enhance Android phone battery life as shown in Figure 2

Step 3: Next, use Add option to add profile as illustrated in Figure 3

Step 4: Provide all details and do customizations. After that click on "Apply" as given in Figure 4

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