Erase Folders Completely

Can I delete my folders forever?

Do you know that even after deleting or formatting your hard drive, your data will still remain on it? These files can be easily extracted or retrieved with the aid of recovery tools. There are highly-advanced tools that can even restore your data even after you format your drives several times. Hence, before selling or disposing hard drives, one need to be very cautious and make sure your entire confidential and personal folders are erased permanently from your hard drives or any storage devices.

I know, most people make use of the “Shift + Delete” option and some of them might even format the entire device to erase the folders before selling or disposing their devices.However, all these are temporary deletion and not the permanent deletion. Imagine once, that if your device containing your sensitive data goes to some wrongdoers’ hands, then what will happen to your data! Just think of it, I am not scaring you! It’s the fact! Well, you no need worry much about it, like you have software to recover your data even there are tools to secure erase your data beyond recovery. Yes! You can securely erase folders by using the perfect tool Remo File Eraser. It is total cost free tool which has potential to remove your folders beyond recovery.

Remo File Eraser can be used when...

  • You want to return your rented PCs or devices and you don’t want your folders to be misused
  • Disposing the computer containing the details of public like the ones used in hospitals, government offices, in banks etc.
  • Reinstalling new OS on a partition, which was previously corrupt due to severe virus infection, hence you want to shred off your entire folders affected by virus infection
  • Hard drives containing sensitive and confidential files like your pics, some videos, credit card details; contact numbers, even the highly confidential business related information are to be sold.

How Remo File Eraser can fix this issue?

Remo File Eraser is the safest and the most effective tool when comes to erasing your folders forever. You know, this free utility works exceptionally well and removes your entire folders just within few minutes. Actually, software offers nine different Shredding patterns to achieve this. These patterns will over write the folders that needed to be erased multiple times with some predefined random values. The number of times and the variable used to overwrite depend on the pattern selected. It overwrites in such a way that the data can never be recovered, with any of the recovery tools.

Sometimes, you might have to shred only some folders and need the rest, in such instances; you can just select only those folders to shred and keep the rest safely. Not only from hard drives or external hard drives, you can also make use of this free utility to erase even the folders from other storage devices like thumb drives, FireWire drives, Flash memory cards, memory sticks and many more. Moreover this tool also comes with an option to "wipe drive", which can be used for wiping a hard drive completely.

Steps to erase your folders:

Step 1: Download Remo File Eraser from the official site and install it on your system

Step 2: After running this free tool, first screen appears with 4 different options. Select "Erase Files/Folder".

Step 3: On the left-pane of the window, you can see the list of all available drives like Figure 1

Step 4: From the drive's list, choose the one from which you want to shred the folders. You can see all folders stored on that drive as shown in Figure 2

Step 5: Mark the folders applying “Add Folders" option , view Figure 3

Step 6: After that choose an appropriate Shredding pattern as shown in Figure 4

Step 7: You get a successful message, so hit “OK” button and your folders will be erased permanently

Important Note:

Be careful while selecting a folder for shredding or erasing! This is because Remo File Eraser is a very powerful tool which will erase your folders completely ruling out all the chances of recovery from any recovery tool. In case you choose your important folder then you will lose your folders. Hence, be cautious before choosing any folder.

Why only Remo File Eraser?

Remo File Eraser has the most intuitive GUI and allows users to perform this erasure process themselves. As I said earlier it utilizes nine different shredding patterns, you can actually select the most appropriate one among these to erase your folders. Each of these nine patterns has their own features and algorithms. It even has an in-built scheduler using which you can schedule the shredding event and time.

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Safe and Secure
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