Erase Photos Permanently

How to erase pictures completely?

Planning to sell your memory card? Or are you returning the rented memory card or pen drive? But your photos still reside on your device. Did you delete them off completely? You know, a simple deletion like using "Shift + Delete" and formatting will not erase your photos permanently and will still intact. Nowadays there are many tools available online which can recover your data from any device. Even if you have formatted, re-formatted or repartitioned etc., these tools are capable of recovering your data. So now, after you sell or return the device, your photos can be recovered, what if they are misused? In such cases what will you do? It’s really very scary! Just chill! Don’t get tensed; there are tools even to erase your pictures permanently. Remo File Eraser is a free software that can delete them off forever.

Remo File Eraser - A Free file shredding utility

Remo File Eraser can delete all your photos permanently, that too within few minutes. Whenever you select a picture to erase, first it will be added to shredding zone and then will be erased with the help of 9 shredding patterns. It scans the entire drive to find the location of the specified file and overwrites the file repeatedly with some secure garbage values. Thus, making the further recovery impossible and thus ensuring files and folders will be erased successfully and no tool to recover them back.

Remo File Eraser is an excellent tool; it performs exceptionally well to delete your photos forever, even beyond recovery. This cost free tool is not just limited to photos but also applicable to other file like videos, audio, documents, spreadsheets, or any other files types available. Along with these, it also supports many storage devices like memory cards, SD cards, hard drives, external drives etc. for completely wiping of data.

Why Remo File Eraser?

Remo File Eraser is specially designed with many user friendly options. This tool uses 3 different shredding patterns to erase your photos or any other files. Among these, you can select the best pattern among the different patterns listed. You can even schedule the shredding time and event using the in-built Scheduler. Has the faster shredding engine, so that you can shred your photos with much higher speed and save time. For higher security levels, it provides additrional 6 more patterns with its Pro edition.

How to use Remo File Eraser?

In order to erase your photos permanently from any storage device, first download the Remo File Eraser. Now install this free program on your PC from which photos need to be deleted permanently. Just double click on the desktop icon; the main screen will show 4 different options for you. Select "Erase files / folders" option and continue for selecting the desired photos from the sytem. Now click "Eraset" and choose the appropriate wiping method from the consecutive screen. Once you click, the software will start erasing those pictures permanently and at the end a message pops up indicating the completion of the process.

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Safe and Secure
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