Restore Data from External Drive not showing on Windows 10

Windows 10 failed to detect external hard drive? Resolve the issue right away without losing data. Make the drive to show up on Windows 10 and restore inaccessible data using Remo External Hard Drive Data Recovery software. Get it now!

Upgrading to Windows 10 is exciting, however it also comes with its share of problems. Like – When you connected your external hard drive to Windows 10 system to transfer some files, the drive may not show up. You ejected the drive and plugged it again, but the external hdd still failed to show up. As a result, your files and folders in the drive will also be inaccessible.

Well, you dont have to worry you can easily fix th issue and restore back all your files; here’s how you can resolve it. We’ll tell you how to troubleshoot the issue, and make external drive to show up on Windows 10 –

Phase 1: To make external drive show up in Disk Management

The first step is to check if external drive is showing up in Disk Management. If it is not, then you should update disk driver to enable external drive to get detected by Windows 10. Follow the steps to accomplish this –

  • Open This PC, right click and select Properties to get System window
  • On the left side, click Device Manager, and next to Universal Serial Bus Controllers, click “+”. You will see a yellow exclamation mark (as the driver has compatibility issues)
  • Right click on the name of the device and select Update Driver Software
  • Next, choose Search automatically for updated driver software, and follow the instructions to complete the process

Phase 2: To restore external HDD data which has become inaccessible

When your external hard drive is showing up in Disk Management, the next step is to recover data which has become inaccessible. For this, Remo External Hard Drive Data Recovery software is the right solution. The application will get back all your files and folders from undetectable external hard drive on Windows 10 system.

Data Recovery from External Drive Not Showing Up Windows 10

Remo External Hard Drive Data Recovery tool deep scans the entire external drive to retrieve data. All files present in the external hard disk drive like media files, PPT files, documents, ZIP files, and so on, will be recovered in few steps. The software helps to recover partitions from external hard drive of various brands like Seagate, Maxtor, Buffalo, Lexar, Dell, WD, Toshiba, etc.

In addition, the tool will also help you to restore data from SD cards on Windows 10 PCs or other devices like memory cards, CF cards, USB drives etc. Also, partitions deleted from any SATA, IDE, SSD or any other drive can be easily restored with this tool.

Guide to Restore Data from External HDD not Showing Up on Windows 10

  • Download the software by clicking on the green Download Now button on your Windows 10 system
  • Connect the external hard drive to the PC on which you have downloaded the software. Now install the application
  • Now launch the software, main screen will display with two options Recover Files and Recover Partitions
  • Choose Recover Partitions. Software displays the list of available drives (including system's hard drive and external USB drives connected to the system). Now, select the external hard drive and click Scan button
  • Now the software scans the external hard drive to find lost/deleted partitions. Once it completes the scanning process, it displays the list of lost/deleted partitions from the hard drive
  • Now, choose the required partition which you want to recover and hit Scan button
  • The software scans thoroughly the selected partition to recover the files from it
  • Once it completes the scanning process, it displays the list of recovered files from the external hard drive partition, which you can view in either File Type View or Data View
  • The Save Recovery Sessionoption allows you to save the scanned information. You can use this option to resume the saving process at any time without re-scanning the required partition again
  • Now, preview the recovered files with Preview option, and if you are satisfied with obtained results then go with full version of the software to save these recovered files to your desired location

Remo Hard Drive Recovery tool also helps in recovering data from external drive after corruption, repartition, format, etc. It helps to sort the recovered data on the basis of date, file name, size and file type. You can also search for a particular file from the list of recovered data using the Find option. In case of queries, you can contact the technical support team anytime.

Phase 3: Reformat and partition

After recovering data from external hard drive, you can reformat the drive, and partition. This is done to initialize the drive, and make it to show up on Windows 10.


With these easy methods you can fix the not showing external drive on Windows 10 in few steps. However, make sure you have your data backup before proceeding further. Also, take some precautionary measures to avoid such instances in future.

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