Recover Data from External Disk on Mac

Retrieve data lost from external drive on Mac system using Remo Recover Mac tool. The software recovers files from corrupted or formatted external disk in just few steps!

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You know the importance of backup and so you also know about external drive and its importance. Storing your crucial data on external disk is a common practice, and it is considered that all files saved in it are secure. But this is a wrong notion because files in external drive are not always safe as they may get deleted or lost due to unpredictable reasons.

Scenarios which lead to Data Loss from External Drive on Mac:

  • Deleting vital files mistakenly from external disk while deleting other unwanted files
  • Accidentally formatting external drive on Mac instead of a Mac volume
  • Frequently inserting or ejecting external drive on Mac system or suddenly ejecting the drive while files are in transfer corrupts file system of the external drive
  • Error messages which ask you to format the drive in order to get access to data

Under all these scenarios, data stored on external drive is deleted or lost. Since this was the data that was backed up, losing it is quite a worrisome situation because recovery is not an option! But here is the good news - Recovering files from external drive on Mac is possible with the help of Remo Mac Hard Drive Recovery tool.

Remo Recover to Retrieve External Drive Data on Macintosh:

Remo Mac Recovery tool is built with advanced recovery modules which locates and recovers files from external drive on Mac system with complete directory structure. Data from deleted, corrupted, formatted / reformatted, repartitioned drives is retrieved in less time. Whatever be the reason behind data loss from external disk, the software restores it effortlessly.

Internal hard drives, flash memory cards, iPods, FireWire drives, etc., are some other storage devices from which the tool recovers missing or deleted data, apart from external drives. The application also helps you to retrieve files from formatted Mac volumes in just few clicks. It is compatible with various Mac OS versions like Mac Lion, Mac Snow Leopard, Mac Mountain Lion, Mac Yosemite, Mac Mavericks, and so on.

Other features of Remo Recover:

  • Identifies and retrieves different file types based on their unique signatures
  • Gives option to add or edit new signatures for files that are not listed
  • You can view the recovered files in Mac Finder styled interface
  • Sorts recovered data based on name, file type, size and date
  • Preview retrieved files before restoring it

Here is the Video explaining the Procedure to Recover External Drive on Mac:

Precautions to avoid data loss from external disk:

  • Perform formatting or repartitioning of external drive carefully
  • Do not abruptly eject external drive from system when files are in transfer

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