Extract Data from Corrupted RAR File

Hi friends! I have an important RAR file which consists of 4 GB data and whenever I try to extract files it pop up error message “CRC failed in the encrypted file”. Therefore, I tried downloading files from different up loaders but every time it displays same error message. To get rid from this issue I had done CHKDSK but failed in the process. Now, I want to know, is there any possible workarounds to extract data from corrupted RAR file? Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Well don’t get worry! Nowadays nothing is impossible and you can instantly fix the issue of RAR file with the aid of trustworthy third party corrupt file fixer software like Remo Repair RAR. Before understanding the complete details of repair process, let’s have a look on prominent reasons behind RAR file corruption:

  • File Header Corruption: The header file contains complete information of data residing in RAR. If it gets corrupt due to virus attack or any other reasons, then you will get a “Header Corrupt” error message and you will lose access to files contained onto it.
  • Interruption While Downloading RAR File: If internet connection is not stable while downloading RAR file, then there could be chance of getting RAR file structure damage and leads to inaccessible of data.
  • Other Reasons: Severe virus attack, improper compression technique, changing file extension, OS crash, abrupt system shutdown, power failure, sudden system reboot, hard disk failure, etc.

Whatever might be the reason behind corruption, the best software to extract data from corrupted RAR file is to utilize Remo Repair RAR Software. Moreover it also facilitates preview of the repaired files in order to ensure repair success.

Remo Repair RAR Software Magnificent Features:

The software effortlessly repairs large RAR files and uses advanced algorithms that can fix damaged as well as corrupt RAR files in just a matter of minutes. It can repair password protected RAR files and offers to fix RAR files created on major versions of Windows operating system (Windows XP, Vista, 7, Windows Server 2003, 2008). This software utilizes a simple user-friendly interface that requires absolutely no prior specialized knowledge from the user so as to use this specific software. With the help of this tool you can easily fix RAR files stored on USB drive, external hard disk, memory cards, FireWire drive, etc.

Useful Tips:

  • Have a backup of important files in external storage device in order to get them easily if any disaster happens to system
  • Never utilize untrustworthy third party tool for unzipping RAR file or for changing file extension
  • Scan your system or laptop with authorized antivirus software to get free from harmful virus attack
  • Defragment your disk drive to avoid data loss due to unforeseen situations. You can even schedule the defragmentation process to a particular time
  • Prior to downloading RAR file once cross check internet connection

Guidelines to extract the corrupt RAR file

Step1: Download and install Remo Repair RAR software on your Windows machines

Step 2: Use the “Browse” button to locate and select your RAR file as in Figure 1

Step 3: Click on the “Repair” button to begin repair process as depicted in Figure 2

Step 4: With this, the software will start scanning the RAR file and once the repair process is over press "Next"

Step 5: Then window will appear asking for the destination location to save lost data, just click on the "Select Folder" button to choose the destination path as showed inFigure 3

Step 6: Select the location and click the "Save" button to save all your lost data

Additional Info: Are you looking for the software to repair broken Word documents? Don't worry, just click on the given link to learn the file repair process.

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