How to extract Zip file on Android?

Android! What a wonderful operating system to own and use. Everyone has an Android cell phone these days as it can be utilized to perform many tasks such as photo editing, sending emails, group chat, games and many more. Android cell phones are designed to be fast, reliable, efficient and well-built with lots of features and functionalities. For example extracting Zip files on a cell phone was a very difficult task before, as you have to first transfer the Zip file to your personal computer and extract the contents from it. However after the introduction of Android OS, you can easily Zip and unzip files on your Android cell phone with ease.

But most of the Android users faces problem while unzipping or extracting Zip file. If you are a user with questions like, How to extract Zip file on Android? Process to extract Zip files Android? I want to extract my Zip files on Android? And etc, then your search ends here. You can easily extract contents of your important Zip file on your Android Smartphone with the help of a reliable third party utility called "Remo MORE". But before getting to know about the software and features let us see, what a Zip file is and why it is necessary.

What is a Zip File?

Zip is a file compression technique, which provides a convenient way to compress large files on any storage drives like hard disk, memory cards, cell phones etc. Many people make use of this file format to compress files such as music, documents, applications (.apk), games and etc on their Android cell phone which in turn help them save memory space on their Android phone.

Why Zip files are used?

Zip files are widely used as they reduce the size of a file considerably, transferring, downloading, emailing, uploading are very difficult without the help of a Zip file. More to this the applications downloaded from Android Google Store are of Zip file format. Additionally Zip files also provides features such as encryption, password protection etc which makes files stored on your Android phone more reliable. Hence Zip files are very necessary on an Android cell phone.

About the utility:

Remo MORE is an amazing utility using which you can extract the contents of Zip file on your Android phone in a very safe and secure way. The software provides advanced options through which you can compress large files or folders and once a Zip file is created, you can also use this application to open or update the Zip file whenever you want. More to this, the application has the ability to extract contents of Zip file created using any third party applications.

Features of the software:

  • Provides an option to password protect a Zip file
  • Easy to use interface which helps even a person with less technical knowledge to extract Zip files
  • Software is available for free
  • Helps you to save disk space and in turn optimize device performance
  • Works on read-only mode, which ensures no damage is made to the Zip file while extraction purpose

Few useful tips:

  • Avoid interruption while extracting contents of a Zip file
  • Use Android security apps to protect your Zip files from deadly viruses / malwares
  • Assign password protection to your important Android Zip files
  • Regularly backup your crucial Android Zip files on to your personal computer

Procedure for extracting Zip files on Android:

Step1: First download and install Remo MORE app on your Android device. Launch the application and select “Manage” option from the main screen as depicted in Fig1.

Step2: From the second screen choose “Compress File” option as depicted in Fig2.

Step3: After this select the folder from where you want to extract the Zip files as depicted in Fig3. You will get a list of the Zip files present in that particular folder, as soon as you select the Zip files from the list you will get an option to extract the Zip file click on that option and extract your Zip file content.

Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure
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