“My friend shared a MOV file shot using his Cannon 5D through DropBox, the file was originally playing on his camera. But after downloading the file at my computer it looks corrupt, it doesn’t work at all. He cleaned up the CF card on his camera to make some space. Now, I left out with an unplayable MOV video. Is it possible to repair this corrupted MOV file?”

Solution: Yes, you can make the video playable by repairing corrupt videos. First try our Remo Repair MOV software to repair the corrupt file, which was downloaded from DropBox. If this fails to fix the video then it indicates that your file might not be uploaded in full, so the repair results are not completed. If that’s the case then use Remo Recover Windows - to recover the original MOV file from CF card. In case, if you face issues in playing recovered file then use the MOV Repair tool to fix the recovered file.

Pay attention: Stop using the CF card for saving new data/accessing present data to minimize data loss. Also, don’t try to play the affected MOV file on several players, as it may damage the file further.