While trying to save the recovered data to 128GB SD card, I get this error "The directory or file cannot be created", What should I do save my files?

First of all, the error is not from the Remo Recover software but it is from the Microsoft Windows Operating System. This error occurs when the storage device or the SD card is formatted in FAT/FAT32. As the maximum number of readable or writable files and folders in the root directory has been reached 64 GB. The FAT/FAT32 partition table cannot handle more than 64 GB under root folder. 

In such cases you will need to take backup of your existing data (if the card has any data) and then reformat the SD card to NTFS or ExFAT to save more data. As NTFS and ExFAT are new generation File Systems created by Microsoft Windows they are designed to handle large data structure.

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