General Questions

  • How to install Remo Software?
  • Installing Remo Software is a two-step procedure:

    • Download the required software from Remo Software website. If you haven’t downloaded the software, click here to download any Remo Software product.
    • Double click on the downloaded setup file (.EXE for Windows and .DMG for Mac from the extracted zip archive) and follow onscreen instructions to complete the installation.
    • In case you face any issues while installing Remo Software products, feel free to contact our Technical Support team.
  • Why I should not download or install Remo Recover software on the same drive?
  • What Does It Mean Not To Download Or Install Remo Recover Software In The Same Volume/Partition That You Are Trying To Recover Data From?

    Data recovery is based on the availability of data on the drive. Downloading, installing or saving on the same Volume/Partition might overwrite the data you are trying to recover. If the lost data gets overwritten, the recovery results might not be satisfactory.

    To avoid any possibility of such permanent data loss situation, we recommend not to download or install Remo Recover software on the same Volume/Partition.

  • How To Update Remo Products?
  • Firstly, check if the application is in use, close the application if it’s running. Click on Start menu -> All Programs -> Remo Software Application folder -> Update Wizard.

  • What is your refund policy?
  • We provide 100% Money Back guarantee only if the software has any unresolvable issue. For more details please check our Refund Policy.

  • I have accidently purchased the software twice, how do I get a refund for the duplicate purchase?
  • Send both the order details to sales ( @ ) We will verify both the orders and refund the duplicate order.

  • What are your Customer Support hours of operation?
  • We provide 24x7 Live Chat, Email and Ticket Discussion Support. Phone support is available during 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM Pacific Time Monday - Friday.

    Support will be intermittent during public holidays in the United States. Expect a delay in response as support will not be 24x7. We will try our best to ensure that responses to Tickets and Emails are not delayed for more than 4 hours.

    Remo Software Support will be intermittent during the following public holidays in the United States:

    • New Year’s Day
    • Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.
    • Washington’s Birthday
    • Memorial Day
    • Independence Day
    • Labor Day
    • Columbus Day
    • Veterans Day
    • Thanksgiving Day
    • Christmas Day
  • How to contact Support?
  • Visit our support URL: to contact support. Email us at support ( @ ) or sales ( @ )

  • Do you provide Phone Support?
  • Yes, we do provide Phone Support. Phone Support is available 24X5 (Monday – Friday). Call our Phone Support at 408-548-7366.

  • What is Extended Download Service?
  • Extended Download Service is a feature, in which we will automatically store on our server a back-up copy of the software that you purchased and downloaded in your order for two (2) years from the date of purchase. You can re-download your purchase anytime during your extended protection period. This will be helpful if you have changed your PC / Laptop / hard drive due to which the installed software might get lost.

  • Do you provide guarantee of recovery results?
  • No. We provide demo versions to evaluate the recovery chances before purchasing. We strongly recommend users to test the product capability and the results using the demo version before purchasing the software.

  • How long would it take to get the License Code after purchase?
  • License Code will be delivered immediately after successful purchase of the software.

  • Do I need to download the full version after purchasing or can I activate the demo version?
  • After purchase, you will receive the License code immediately. You could use the License Code to activate the demo / trial version already installed on your computer.

  • Can I evaluate the recovery chances before purchasing your software?
  • Yes, Users can evaluate the recovery chances using our demo version and then purchase the software. The demo version and the full version are technically similar. The only limitation in the demo version, saving function is disabled. You can register the same installed software once you purchase the software with a valid license code.

  • I have tried the demo version of your software. How exactly will I know that the full version will be able to restore all the data displayed in the demo version?
  • Demo version would allow you to preview most of the common file types. For the file types which are not supported for previewing, you could check the File Name, Folder Structure, Date Modified and other file attributes. Purchase the software only if you are satisfied with the results in the demo version.

  • I Am Using Earlier Version Of Remo Recover In My PC. If I Am In Need Of The Newly Released Version, Do I Need To Purchase It Again Or Use The Same Key That I Received Earlier On Purchase Of Old Version?
  • Currently we are providing free upgrade to Remo Recover Windows (4.0). You are requested to contact Support Team and provide your order details to get the upgrade free of cost.

    However, the older version’s license key cannot be used to activate the new version. Contact our Support Team and they would help you in activating the new version of the software.

  • How many times I can use this software?
  • Remo Software products can be used for any number times and there are no restrictions.

    A per our licensing policy a single user License Key can be activated on two different computers and the software can be used on that two computers for any number of times.

  • I Have Already Purchased Remo Recover Pro Full Version, Is There Any Discount For Buying Other Products Of Remo?
  • The prices we have quoted for our products are the best price we can offer and are comparatively low. However, we offer discount coupons from time to time on our Facebook page, you could use the latest discount coupons on our Facebook page to get a discount.

    We also provide Bundle Offers for a package of software whose price is low and you can get most of the software for fewer prices. If you are still looking for some discount then there is always a provision where we can discuss with our sales department and arrange you one.

    Get in touch with our Support Team to find out if there are any discounts available for you.

  • How to get back lost activation key?
  • Yes, contact our Support Team to get your lost key instantly. Our Support personnel might ask a few details such as Order ID or Email address registered while purchasing the software to fetch your order details.

  • Do you accept bank cheque for payment?
  • Currently we don’t have a provision of sending us bank cheque to pay for the products. We offer three different modes of payment and they are:
    • Credit Card.
    • PayPal – USD only.
    • Bank/Wire transfer with invoice ($10.00 USD fee).
  • Does using your software void my drive warranty?
  • All Remo Software products work on Read-Only mode and it is nowhere related with the hard drive warranty. Remo Software products were designed in such a way that it doesn’t affect the physical elements of the drive.

    In some cases like hard drive crash, logical corruption, failed to boot, fails to mount or blue screen error, we recommend to disconnect the drive from the computer and connect it to a different computer to recover data. Before disconnecting the drive from your computer, check with your computer manufacturer or user manual about the warranty. As disconnecting the drive from Laptop or PC might void warranty.

  • Can I get discount coupon for Remo Software products?
  • Remo Software offers discount coupon codes for selected or all products. To find the latest coupon codes visit our Facebook page. You could also follow us on Twitter to receive coupon codes and regular updates.

  • Can I use the full version on multiple computers?
  • Remo Software can be activated on two different computers and two times each. The License Code cannot be used on more than two computers due to the licensing restrictions. However, on request we do provide additional activations based on valid requests.

  • What are the licensing options?
  • Remo Software offers a variety of licensing options to suit your data recovery needs and budget. Here's a breakdown of each option:

    • 1. 1 Month License:
      • Ideal for one-time data recovery needs.
      • Includes a 30-day money-back guarantee for peace of mind.
      • Recovers data on 1 PC only.
      • Offers standard technical support to guide you through the recovery process.
    • 6 Months License:
      • Suitable for occasional data recovery needs.
      • Provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.
      • Valid for 6 months and allows data recovery on 1 PC.
      • Includes advanced remote data recovery assistance for additional support.
    • 3. Lifetime License:
      • Perfect for long-term data security and peace of mind.
      • Backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.
      • Valid for the lifetime of the product and allows data recovery on 1 PC.
      • Offers advanced remote data recovery assistance for complex situations.
    • 4. Remo ONE Prime Business:
      • The most comprehensive option for businesses and frequent data users.
      • Provides full access to the Pro versions of 34 data recovery and management tools across 10 devices.
      • Includes lifetime free updates to ensure you always have the latest features.
      • Offers advanced technical support with remote assistance for expert guidance.
      • Features Remo Multi Device Highly Secured 100GB Cloud Backup for additional data protection.
      • Grants unrestricted access to all future Remo software products as they launch.
  • Why activation is failed?
  • The activation fails due to these facts: typo error, using a license key of new version on an old version of the software, using the license key on wrong product.

    • Typo error – This is a common human error. We strongly recommend users to copy and paste the license key in order to avoid typo errors. The license keys are alpha numeric and case sensitive, so there is high chance for a user to mistype a character. Also, when the license key is copied and pasted make sure there no extra spaces after pasting the license key.
    • Using new license key for old version – This scenario happens when the new license key received after purchasing is used on an old version setup (outdated). To avoid this error, always download the software from Remo Software official website, as we always maintain our websites with the latest versions. In order to download the latest versions of Remo Software products, visit:
    • Using license key on wrong product – This scenario happens when you purchase one product of Remo Software and trying to activate on the other product. To avoid this error, make sure the key is used on the right product which you have purchased. Contact support if you still have questions or issues, visit:
  • Why The Drive Is Not Getting Recognized In Windows As Well As Remo Recover Software?
  • The drive is not detected when the drive has severe firmware corruption, or not plugged in properly. In order to check whether the drive is recognized or not you should first check in Disk Management Console for Windows or Disk Utilities for Mac.

    Steps to open Windows Disk Management:

    • Click "Control Panel" or "Settings"
    • Type "Administrative Tools" in the search bar and enter, select Administrative Tools from the search result
    • Now, click on "Computer Management" and the resulting window has three options: System tools, Storage & Services, and Applications
    • Expand Storage and you could find "Disk Management"
    • Check in Disk Management whether your drive is recognized or not.

    Steps to open Mac Disk Utilities:

    • Open Launchpad, type and search "Disk Utility".
    • Now click on Disk Utility and the window appears.
    • Check whether your drive is displayed.
    • If your drive is displayed, click on "info" at the top right corner.
    • Check the drive details.

    If the drive is not listed here, then Remo Recover software will not recognize the drive you are trying to recover.

  • Why the software stopped responding?
  • There is a very slim chance for the software to stop in the middle of the process. In case the software stops responding, the drive may suffer severe firmware corruption, physical damage, bad sectors, drive getting disconnected or manual interruption during scan. In these cases, data recovery is merely a chance and in most cases the scan might not complete.

  • How to get new license key?
  • Getting new license key is an easy task. If you have lost your license key or your license key is invalid, you can contact our Support Team right away on Chat, Email or Call. Our support personnel will verify your order details and provide you the license key instantly.

  • Does Your Remo Recover Windows Repair My USB Drive?
  • Remo Recover Windows is a data recovery tool and it recovers data from any drive that is recognized by the computer. The job of the data recovery software is to recover the deleted or lost data from a data storage drive or device. Our software is specifically designed in way that it will not change or modify the contents of the drive. Since the software works on a read only mode to recover the data from the corrupted drive, it cannot repair the corrupted drive or partition.

  • How to uninstall Remo Software?