How to activate Remo software?

Activating Remo Software is quite simple. Remo Software offers two types of activation options, "Online Activation" and "Offline Activation". 

Online Activation (Instant): In this method the software gets activated instantly by the direct communication with our Activation server through internet. Activation server will authenticate your License code and activate your software.

Before activating the software via Online Activation method, make sure that your computer is having internet connection and you have received a license key from Remo Software to your registered email address.
Once you receive the license key, enter the Online Activation wizard and enter the license key in the license key text box and click on Activate.

Offline Activation (Via email): If you face any difficulties during Online Activation or if you don’t have an Internet connection on the computer where you have installed Remo Software, you could opt Offline Activation method. In order to activate the software via Offline Activation method you need to send us the Machine code via email to our support panel at support ( @ ) Once your request is received, we will generate an unlock code based on your machine code after authenticating your purchase. Unlock code will help you to activate the software. This process may take few minutes to hours.

Once you receive the unlock code, enter it in the unlock code text box in the Offline Activation wizard.

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